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8 questions to ask before choosing an aluminium company

8 questions to ask before choosing an aluminium company

8 questions to ask before choosing an aluminium company

The task of finding an aluminium company to partner with may be as easy as a simple online search, right? Well, no. There are many suppliers out there.  And are they truly who they say they are? After all, it is so easy to claim experience and skill set these days.

As a project manager, you’ve worked hard to build the reputation of your business and gain your client’s trust. Now you need an aluminium company to help complement your offering. So, you need to be really smart about the questions you ask before settling on an aluminium company as a supplier to your business. You need to be guaranteed that they are able to pull off your project successfully and make your client really happy.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing an aluminium company

Is the aluminium company reputable?

Reputation is one of the best indications of a great aluminium company. If they are proud of their work and it was successful in the eyes of their clients, they will be very happy to show it off. Take a look online for their portfolio and contact their clients directly if possible for a first-hand reference. You may even be able to go and see their work for yourself. Have a look to see if they have done any commercial buildings that you can gain easy access to. Then you can inspect the work up close. A great reputation means that the aluminium company you are considering is well thought of in the industry which means that you should have a number of people you can chat with, to reaffirm this.

How long have they been around for?

Having a number of years’ experience under their belt probably means that they do really great work. Experience speaks volumes. It means they know the tricks of the trade, have seen trends come and go, have faced challenges and most likely have great problem-solving skills. It’s this experience you are needing when looking for an aluminium company to partner with.  

Who are their partners?

Partners are an extension of any business and ultimately impact the quality of the product and service offering.  Ensure that you know who your aluminium supplier has chosen to partner with. Partnerships can mean the best of both worlds – double the skillset, experience and knowledge. Other assurances such as keeping costs at bay, quality materials and satisfactory workmanship are often seen when your chosen aluminium company partners with specialists.

How competitive is their pricing?

So you have shortlisted a few aluminium companies, you have done your groundwork and you know that they have great partners and that they are reputable. But are they competitive from a costing perspective? A good aluminium partner knows that the ultimate client is your client. And while you need to make a profit, the end price needs to remain competitive.

However, it is very important to be warned of low-cost competitors. The chances are high that they are using low-grade aluminium which is life (and business) threatening. The age-old saying stands firm: if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

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Who have they worked with?

Successes speak for themselves. Loud and clear. There is no truer reflection of an aluminium company than a solid and stable track record of having worked with a list of discerning clients with good things to say about the work delivered. If this is the case, then you can expect to receive the very same treatment.

What is the quality of their product?

One of the reasons you have chosen to use aluminium is probably because it is one of the strongest metals to work with, in the construction industry. Unfortunately, some suppliers may be selling low-grade aluminium to help cut costs. Low-grade aluminium is a reality in the market today and you need to be sure you are not falling victim to this. In a very competitive world, don’t fall into the trap of choosing an aluminium supplier based on price only. This can have serious consequences and could end up being a safety risk. High-grade aluminium is incredibly strong by nature. The project will be designed and implemented with this in mind. So, this means that:

  • If the quality of the material is anything but superior and the material subsequently weaker than expected,
  • the dangers and costs are unimaginable.

If your chosen aluminium partner used low-grade aluminium, the project could very easily fail, meaning that your project is unsuccessful causing major damage to your reputation.

What is their turnaround time?

Your clients have an expectation and so do you. You need an aluminium company that can stick to their word when it comes to meeting deadlines and turning a job around in a time that ensures the successful completion of a project. Competitors who promise an unrealistic turnaround time should be red-flagged immediately. It is almost certain that they will over-promise and under-deliver. This means that you will do the same in the eyes of your client. The chosen aluminium company should be transparent in terms of turnaround times and keep you informed at every stage of the process to avoid unnecessary and costly nasty surprises.

Can the aluminium company customise to your client’s needs?

Clients have unique expectations that sometimes require more than an off-the-shelf solution. More out of the proverbial box thinking. A great aluminium partner will help you find solutions to any challenge or requirement. A partner that is able to customise their offering to ensure your client’s needs are met (and exceeded), is the partner you should be looking for. At the end of the day, happy customers are our biggest successes.

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