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8 Ways to Make Your Relationships With Aluminium Suppliers Better

8 Ways to Make Your Relationships With Aluminium Suppliers Better

8 Ways to Make Your Relationships With Aluminium Suppliers Better

Choosing from the vast array of aluminium suppliers is only the beginning.

Just as critical as the selection criteria and the eventual decision, or perhaps even more so, is the relationship between your business and your aluminium suppliers.

Undoubtedly, the moment you choose them, suppliers become a core part of your business. The relationship you develop is either going to contribute towards achieving the company vision or detract from it.

For example, without our own aluminium suppliers, we would not be able to produce products like aluminium windows and doors. We depend on our suppliers as a core part of what we do for profit.

And so it is vital to implement a strategy that ensures uniformity at all times: this could be the difference between a lower profit margin and a higher one or even profitability and loss.

Now, global demands dictate that a reactive approach to supply is a certain recipe for doom.

However, a strategic approach puts your company in a proactive position to make things happen to your own advantage.

Apple, for example, has shown a demonstrable success model to businesses that rely on third-party aluminium suppliers in this regard, earning the well-deserved reputation as a global leader in Supply Chain Management, delivering vast quantities of products seamlessly via a strategy of long-term relationships with its suppliers.

Consequently, the importance of managing effective relationships with your aluminium suppliers cannot be under-emphasized. Successful businesses establish a relationship of trust and confidence with their suppliers, leading to knowledge sharing and identification of improvement opportunities.

Listed below are 8 ways to make the relationship with your aluminium suppliers better than ever.

1: Build a formidable and strategic partnership

Your aluminium suppliers are your partners, and should not be treated as outsiders.

While this partnership can’t be compared to in-house relationships, it should reflect mutual trust and loyalty that goes beyond mere financial settlements.

Make suppliers feel as though they are a part of your business.

How to do that? The same way you would develop a relationship with any other human. The difference is that with a supplier, you would do it by design as a launch-off.

To set the tone, start by introducing the aluminium company to your company’s standards, methodologies and processes, as well as innovations and promotions. This tells them who you are, what you stand for and what you expect; the same as when you would start a relationship with anyone.

Take them for coffee, or meet them at events.

Talk with them human to human.

Consider supplier awards evenings.

Celebrate with them.

The point is to make aluminium suppliers feel as if they are building something big, together with your company.

The easiest way to achieve this is to have a strategy in place to set the stage.

2: Communicate effectively

Communication is key in any relationship.

While most people know that on some level, it is not so easy to do it effectively.

Practically speaking, never assume your suppliers know or understand anything. It is better to over-communicate than under-communicate.

When communicating, take into account that everyone’s perception is based on their experiences, environment and understanding and is likely to be different to yours. Be clear and be upfront.

Good communication keeps everyone on the same wavelength. It creates a mutual understanding which wards off disagreements. Having the right tools for both internal and external teams to communicate facilitates effective rapport. Technology has made that very simple. Numerous business messaging solutions abound that makes communication well-synchronized and easily retrievable.

3: Fulfill financial obligations on time

For all of the strategic and correspondence synergy between you and your suppliers, do not delay payment. This is because payment is a huge element of building trust, and without trust, partnerships die.

It is not only your business which is important; theirs is too. Cash flow is as vital to managing their business as it is in yours. Endeavour to consistently pay aluminium suppliers on time and as agreed.

Paying on time means you naturally become a trusted and respected customer.

Suppliers usually track payment history in their customer relationship management software and will rate you based on how well you keep to that. With a good payment history, you are likely to receive better terms or premium incentives that will improve your service delivery to customers.

If for any reason you cannot meet up with payments for some or other reason, always pre-inform them. This will ensure you don’t disrupt their plans.

4: Spell out detailed agreements

Set the foundations for the relationship right from the start. Supplier Relationship Agreements are a must for any business.

Clearly, enumerate the terms and conditions both parties are bound by. They include service description, delivery terms, payment terms etc.

Set the example by being ethical and fulfilling all obligations.

The contract can be simple or complicated depending on your business requirements.

It’s good to seek professional advice at this stage from your attorney, tax consultants and other stakeholders. A well-documented Supplier Relationship Agreement will reduce (if not eliminate) the possibility of disputes.

This keeps you on course to develop stronger and reliable long-term relationships.

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Aluminium windows and doors in inso house

5: Factor in other clients

Suppliers serve your business, but they serve other clients too. Don’t forget this, and honour it.

Try giving them the benefit of the doubt when your needs aren’t timely met. This, however, does not mean you should condone an attitude of delayed response. Again, it is communication that is key: not only the spoken word but how that word is spoken.

Your company is important, but their other clients are also important. Don’t expect suppliers to drop everything to meet your needs.

Ordinarily, the relationship tends to improve with time as the months and years pass by. Do expect a sustained rise in the attention and level of commitment as the relationship progresses.

6: Evaluate risks

It is in your best interest to evaluate the risks of dealing with aluminium suppliers, especially if you have a complex supply chain. Ideally, this should be done before any contracts are signed. Know what to look for.

References, previous work examples, business experience, areas of expertise, crisis management etc. are some of the pointers to guide your decision.

Price competitiveness, capacity to deal with your orders and financial stability are some of the other areas of concern here. Carefully weigh in your risks so that your supply chain is not jeopardized.

Operational risks exist and things do go wrong.

Be in tandem with your supplier by identifying risks at all levels of operations. This way, you can reduce the risks and anticipate dealing with any emergencies when they arise. Subsequently, interruptions to your business will be minimized and delivery to your customers will not be affected.

7: Simplify relationships with technology

Communication is not the only area where technology is useful.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) software like SAP will help you keep track of all supplier information in one place, and much more.

Some SRMs are embedded with features such as purchase order management and even manufacturing process solutions.

8: Review performance regularly

Always review the performance of aluminium suppliers periodically to ascertain they are delivering on their service and that agreed standards are met.

In fact, this should be part of your initial new supplier onboarding approach.

Performance reviews provide the true picture of your set goals and lets you chart out ideas and strategies to continually improve your supply chain process.


Businesses should prioritize the aluminium supplier relationship. A weak supply chain threatens the success of the business and improving such relationships is expedient. The tips above will enhance your business relationship with suppliers and boost overall business efficiency.

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Aluminium windows and doors in inso house