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An insider’s view on the processing of aluminium glass doors

An insider’s view on the processing of aluminium glass doors

An insider’s view on the processing of aluminium glass doors

Aluminium glass doors and the process followed from quotation through to completion, is not always fully understood by clients or project managers. If you ask an aluminium company to share this process with you, they may shy away from sharing this information. They potentially don’t want to share trade secrets or perhaps they aren’t 100% sure of the detail involved in the process from start to end.

As a project manager, you have a certain reputation to uphold. As part of that, you need to be able to manage your client’s expectations. If you have a clear view and understanding of your supplier’s processes, you will be able to do just that.

When you understand an aluminium company’s processes it helps you to:

  • Plan your process and manage your client’s expectations
  • Explain to a client why a specific request may not be possible at a certain phase in the project
  • Justify lead-times to your client
  • Explain to a client what all goes into manufacturing

When you know this process, you can also compare aluminium company’s proposed lead times, since you now understand exactly what goes into manufacturing aluminium glass doors.

Inso Architectural Solutions, a leading aluminium company in their industry, has shared their process when it comes to manufacturing aluminium glass doors, to help better understand what goes on behind those closed (factory) doors.

An insider’s view into what goes on during the manufacturing of aluminium glass doors

Design and acceptance process (between client and architect) of aluminium glass doors

The first step in the processing of aluminium glass doors is design. In this step, client and architect will conceptualise and specify the project. This step may involve quite a bit of back and forth until the client is happy that the design is exactly what he/she is looking for and is then signed off by the client.

Once the design is signed off, the project is handed over to a dedicated salesperson. The salesperson will liaise directly with the client and is the person responsible for quotations, amendments and approvals. The salesperson will be the clients primary point of contact for the duration of the project. It is therefore imperative that a good relationship is built from the start. The salesperson will collect and store all the necessary client documentation and information, which needs to be obtained correctly.

Production planning and preparation process of aluminium glass doors

Once the design has been signed off and approved, production planning to prepare the factory for manufacturing begins. A dedicated project controller is assigned to the project who will oversee the entire project and will also keep the salesperson involved to ensure that the client is kept updated at all times.

Once a project file is opened and the project is formally handed over from the salesperson to the dedicated project controller, a site inspection must take place. During the site inspection, the project controller will confirm all requirements such as product, sizes, specifications and installation.

This is a very important stage in ensuring that the project is scoped correctly. A highly skilled project controller must be appointed to avoid any mistakes creeping in later down the line. The project controller’s main purpose is to oversee the entire project to ensure the project is a success.

Once the project controller is happy with the site and specifications, he/she will sign acceptance. The project is then handed over to manufacturing along with a dedicated factory manager.

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Manufacturing process of aluminium glass doors

The project controller will brief manufacturing on the project and manufacturing requirements. The factory manager is now able to sign acceptance of the project and begin the process of manufacturing. If by any chance at this stage there are possible variations, these will be sent back to the salesperson and the same process will be followed until manufacturing can commence.

The salesperson is updated on the process at every step, to ensure that the client is kept in the loop and deadlines are adhered to.

Delivery process of aluminium glass doors

Once the required product has been manufactured, the project controller will need to visit the site again to confirm that no changes have taken place, and that everything is ready for installation. The project controller will then liaise with the client as well as the manufacturing manager to organise suitable dates, times and resources for installation.

The project controller will need to at this stage, ensure that resources are reserved and scheduled. This is very important to ensure that deadlines are met. Important elements such as all the equipment, consumables, hardware and sundries required will need to be available and on site.

Onsite installation/fitting process of aluminium glass doors

At this stage the project controller will supervise the installation. He/she will also sign off on completion of each installation. The project controller will also be the person to do a final quality control check of the installation. While the project controller manages and supervises the installation of the project, he will also liaise with client, production and the salesperson where necessary.

The Inso experience is far different from that of our competitors, and we can guarantee this because:

  • From the moment that a client is contacted all the way through to completion of the project, we offer and focus on personal experience. There is always someone dedicated to your project to ensure deadlines are met and you are kept in the loop.
  • We focus on providing purpose-made custom designs. There is nothing standard about our specifications and we are able to fabricate a product to suit your specific project needs.
  • With almost 20 years’ experience, we are known to be the largest and fastest growing independent custom-manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors in Africa. What’s more, and for reassurance, we have partnered with industry leaders. We are able to provide you with the best possible solutions, backed by renowned industry leaders, associations and councils.
  • Our large onsite factory will be able to handle the capacity, whether your needs are big or small. You have peace of mind that we will handle your requests.
  • We are a service-driven aluminium company which means that quality workmanship and products are the core of the culture. We are known for reliability, high levels of professionalism and quality in aluminium solutions.

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