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Checklist for selecting the best aluminium supplier

Checklist for selecting the best aluminium supplier

Checklist for selecting the best aluminium supplier

Not all aluminium suppliers are equal. Use this checklist to select the best aluminium solution for your next architectural design project to ensure a cost-effective and maintenance-free result.

Aluminium is non-toxic, inflammable, non-magnetic, non-sparking and contemporary. Architects today love using aluminium solutions in their architectural designs due to its affordable and flexible versatility.

If you’re in the market for utilizing aluminium supplies in your next building project, whether it is for the spectacular majesty of oversized sliding doors and windows with a modern, maintenance-free edge or a custom design for a bespoke renovation or restoration, then ensure you choose to work with only the most experienced and quality assured aluminium supplier available.

Not sure how to choose the best aluminium supplier for your next special building project? Use the checklist below to find out the type of questions you should be asking each aluminium supplier to better understand their inherent knowledge of the industry and their service reputation when doing business.

Checklist for selecting the best aluminium suppliers

A service and reputational Match

In reality, any company is only as good as its last job. That is especially true for the service and aluminium supplies industry which is built on customer relationships and business reputation.

Take this concept a step further and request information on the last three projects the aluminium supplies company is currently or has been recently involved with. Check for the type of work that was required to be completed by the supplier. Consider if the company’s aluminium services match the types of project they are experienced in delivering and are their skills and craftsmanship matched to meeting all aspects of the building process required for your project?

Feel free to chat with one or two past clients as to the aluminium suppliers company’s approach to the building project they were responsible for delivering. Find out if the client would use them again for future projects, what the timing on the job delivery was; and if their staff were prompt, polite and attentive to delivering quality throughout the full job specifications.

Most importantly, how passionate was the company in discussing your architectural project with you? Did they seem engaged with you as a customer? Did the project manager offer any free advice or guidance regarding your project requirements so you could make an informed decision? Was it advice you felt you could trust?

Quality of Aluminium Products and Pricing

Be aware that there is no standard grading for aluminium solutions. The pricing will depend entirely on the quality of the product that you want to install.

If you do not fully specify the type of quality and strength you are looking for then a professional aluminium supplier should be able to inform you of the correct product to use, coupled with industry-aligned costings. A reputable supplier will always use a good quality aluminium solution and correct specification of aluminium applications, for example, the casement thickness required on aluminium windows and sliding doors. Bear in mind that casement thickness will also depend on the window’s application.

Quality products and workmanship on the job will ensure that windows, for example, offer adequate weather sealing, effortless opening action and an aluminium solution that can withstand the weight of the glass application whether it is a top or side hung window or even a pivot door manufactured to open both inward or outward, or in both directions while pivoting on an axis point.

Customisation and Experience in Aluminium Solutions

Each building project is unique by its very nature and you will need to check that your customisation requirements can be met by your aluminium supplier.

Whether the company is involved in designing, manufacturing and installing the custom aluminium solutions themselves, or uses an industry recognised supplier, they will need to meet all aspects of customised architectural designs including thermal, structural and mechanical requirements.

Beware customisations which might offer an opportunity for low-quality aluminium suppliers to load their project costings. Always ensure they give you a cost estimate upfront and that the total cost of the job is market-related.

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Aluminium windows and doors in inso house

Project turnaround and timing for aluminium solutions

Enquire as to the timing and turnaround required for your aluminium supplies and or total aluminium solution.

This may be impacted by aspects such as the number of years they have been in business, the size of their staff contingent both on the premises and work teams in the field. Check that there is a project manager on hand to guarantee a consistent quality of workmanship on site. Consider how many projects they may be juggling at one time and the scale of work required by any competing projects running concurrently.

Most importantly, check upfront if they have completed similar projects to yours in the past; you don’t want your custom aluminium solution to be the first project of its kind in their scope of experience. Find out which are their most prominent or signature projects and the type of aluminium solution which featured.

There can be a big difference in aluminium supplies and customisations depending on whether their projects are renovations or restoration of historic building or a focus on supplying aluminium solutions for upmarket residential homes.

Green Points for Environmental Responsibility aluminium suppliers

Aluminium is the third most available compound metal on earth and as much as 75% of the aluminium manufactured on the globe is still in use. This is because aluminium supplies are the most recycled products on the planet. Better yet, recycling aluminium take just 5% of the energy required to make new aluminium.

Since we all want to be responsible citizens and live in a greener world, enquire how they meet their environmental responsibilities both at their premises and onsite. Any and all aluminium supplies are 100% recyclable. Avoid aluminium suppliers who do not follow industry protocol in meeting all green building industry standards.

Communications in delivering happy Aluminium Solutions

Testimonials are a great way in understanding how well an aluminium solutions company both communicates with their clients and delivers on each project.

No company can guarantee a job will go seamlessly but it is how challenges are met that sets the companies passion and attention to service delivery that sets it apart. After sales service will ensure clients are happy and only happy clients deliver glowing testimonials once a job has been completed.

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Get an instant quote online from the industry leaders

It couldn’t be easier to get a quote. Our online quotation calculator instantly gives you an estimated cost for your next project. Receive your quote now.

Aluminium windows and doors in inso house