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How to ensure you get the best aluminium door prices

How to ensure you get the best aluminium door prices

How to ensure you get the best aluminium door prices

Aluminium door prices can vary according to the supplier you choose or review. When looking for a quote from an aluminium supplier for your next project, whether it is for doors or windows, you will probably be faced with a range of prices, high and low.

Remember that the least expensive quote might not be the best and it may cost you more in the long run if you don’t invest upfront in your aluminium supplier. As with most things in life, you really do get what you pay for. It is true that everybody loves a bargain. Getting good value for your hard-earned money is important. However, there are times when cutting costs to improve margins does not always equal a good deal.

Using price as your only deciding factor will most likely result in:

  • Low quality products – and these are often associated with low cost. High quality products have not cut corners on elements that affect durability and strength.
  • Receiving bad service – too often a company may cut their human resource costs to help cut the costs of the final product. This may result in you dealing with a disgruntled employee who is not fully devoted to the company (or you for that matter)
  • Inexperienced suppliers – experience costs time and money (and is in fact invaluable). Years of learning and facing challenges will reflect in the price tag
  • Costly maintenance down the line – low cost products may equate to low-quality products. The low-quality product will also not have as a long a lifespan as a quality one.
  • Unhappy clients –all the above will result in unhappy, dissatisfied clients who are left feeling short changed.  These clients will generally share their unhappy experience with others.

When you are comparing quotes for aluminium door prices, investigate further and ask yourself the following questions:

What is the quality of the product and is it worth the price quoted?

Low-quality aluminium can be a massive, life threatening choice. It can also damage your reputation and ultimately result in lost clients. Almost always, low cost is associated with low quality. Low-quality aluminium is not as strong or durable as high-quality aluminium. A project may rely heavily on strength and durability, which is usually the case when aluminium is selected. If the product is substandard, it is likely to fail, causing huge repercussions.

How long does the aluminium door take to get manufactured?

It is often the case that a smaller aluminium company can supply products within a very short lead time. This seems like a great supplier to choose, doesn’t it?

It is important to remember that larger suppliers, who usually have better industry experience and knowledge, often also have large factories and hence can produce onsite. And this doesn’t have to result in rigid delivery times. Inso Architectural Solutions, for example, has a very large factory but they also have additional production factories. They are able to ensure flexibility in the event that a client has an urgent request. They are also able to manage large orders coming in at the same time.

But you need to allow for additional production time on a unique or bespoke specification order.. The selection of non-standard colours or special glass will also increase the lead times.

How experienced is their installation staff?

The investment in a company’s staff is one of the biggest (in terms of cost) and most important resources. Guaranteed, it will affect how the company operates. Having experienced staff requires investment in training and recruitment. Having someone that is experienced will ensure that the project is successful. All too often, one of the first costs to be cut is that in people. And suppliers regret it when it affects their project and reputation.

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How long will installation take to be completed?

Lead time for installation is important for both your project and clients’ deadlines. If site preparation and aperture accuracy is of a high standard, installation time is vastly decreased. The quality of the installation is also improved.

Are the aluminium door prices competitive?

We know that low prices may be associated with low quality. But what is there to say about exorbitant pricing? A high quotation doesn’t make business sense for you, the business owning project manager. Your aluminium partner needs to understand that you run a business too. You also have costs and need to make a profit.

Are there any after-sale benefits that come with the product that make the aluminium door prices worthwhile?

By nature, aluminium is a very durable metal that requires very little maintenance over time. But the workmanship, quality of the metal and installation may affect the metal’s performance overtime.

Inso has taken measures to ensure that after the sale, the product still performs to its full potential and won’t cause any problems in a few years to come. They are a SANS compliant manufacturer and installer, have almost 2 decades of experience and proudly ensure the highest quality product and installation in the Industry.

Will they offer a warranty and after-sales service as part of their aluminium door prices?

After sales service is all those things you do for your clients once they have bought from you. This type of customer care is so important for any business. It helps ensure repeat business as well as a good reference from your client. It’s not enough to say “thanks” or “let’s keep in touch” once a sale is complete.

Inso Architectural Solutions are so confident in their offering that they offer:

  • a 12 month product and workmanship warranty
  • a 15 year powder coating warranty, and
  • a 10 year glass warranty on all glass.

Is the product any different to other competitors?

What is important to remember is that the term “product” refers to the total experience a client encounters when it comes to a supplier. Often when buying, a person will look at the total experience when choosing and assessing alternatives.

Inso offers the best experience as part of their aluminium windows and doors prices, a custom product designed to the requirements of the architect and the client’s. They only employ the highest of manufacturing quality standards, as well as installation standards, ensuring that they provide the best possible product available in the market.

Because Inso knows it’s about experience, they offer:

  • Personal service and individual attention
  • Purpose-made custom designed products
  • Reliable and quality service.

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