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Inso’s high-end aluminium provides superior finishing touches

Inso’s high-end aluminium provides superior finishing touches

Inso’s high-end aluminium provides superior finishing touches

Inso’s high-end aluminium promises to give you the best finishing touches, that both you and your client will be proud of. If your client’s vision is to achieve a modern, sleek and sexy look, then aluminium finishes are the right place to start.

When an aluminium finish is chosen, it adds more than just a modern exclusive feel. A great aesthetic appeal is important to the value of a property, but so is architectural soundness. Aluminium does both these things. It is sturdy and strong, but is eye-catching and versatile, offering your clients creative appeal that can also stand the test of time.

It is so important that the material you choose is of high quality. This will directly affect your businesses bottom line, customer loyalty and how you fair in the market among your competition.

Here are a few reasons why aluminium is superior material (for both you and your client)

Aluminium is a premium quality building material

The metal stands true to its premium reputation and is one of the most highly used materials in a variety of applications. If you think of any application that requires strength and durability, it is certain to contain aluminium. From the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force to spaceships and rockets. All of these industries utilise aluminium to ensure the safety of millions of people around the world. That is how much the material is tried, tested and trusted. If it is trusted by so many industries in so many countries, you can trust in the construction of your clients’ offices and homes.

Other than strength, durability and beauty, aluminium remains a quality material because it is:

  • Flexible

You know that a building material needs to be flexible to ensure it is architecturally sound. Aluminium is able to handle high shock levels and withstand any movement in the earth. The other benefit to being flexible is that it opens up a new world of creativity because it can be forged to any shape, size or specification.

  • Recyclable

Aluminium can be recycled time and time again, and it won’t threaten strength and durability. It will always retain its reliability, flexibility and strength. This means that the material has an energy efficient life-cycle (and also makes it a cost-efficient material)

  • Insular

We know that aluminium is highly reflective and this means that it is also a great insulator. By nature, aluminium is very lightweight so you will need very little to make sure the home or commercial residence you are working on is kept warm in winter and cooler in summer.

  • Fire safety

Aluminium is a non-combustible construction material. And even better, aluminium allows heat and smoke to disperse, so the aluminium itself helps to minimize damages. This is why aluminium is so commonly used in industrial applications.

  • Lightweight

Aluminium weighs very little. Less than other building materials. Being lightweight it also has the advantage of being easy to handle. You typically need less aluminium when using it for construction. What’s more, using less aluminium does not impact strength

Easy to maintain

If “fit and forget” is what you are looking for, then aluminium is your answer. Aluminium, once it has been powder-coated requires very little attention. It will not get discoloured by the sun, making it a suitable material for the South African climate. And unlike other materials, the metal won’t rust or corrode in moist conditions. This is because the surface of aluminium protected by a natural layer of aluminium oxide. This protective layer prevents the metal below from coming into contact with air and oxygen. Due to the amazing strength of the metal, it will also not crack or warp.

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Aluminium is aesthetically pleasing and has a modern appeal

Aluminium is often used in frames, doors and windows to achieve a sought-after modern and industrial look that is very trendy at the moment. This is one of the reasons why so many project managers are proudly introducing aluminium in residential and commercial projects to impress clients.

Because aluminium is a strong material and is really lightweight the application requires less of it. So when applied to windows and doors, a much thinner frame is required. A thinner frame means more glass can be used. Having more glass invites the beauty of natural light into a home.

Now that you are convinced that aluminium is a quality material, what does this mean for your business?

As a project manager, and as a business owner, the ultimate objective is to make money. If you provide a product that is high maintenance, doesn’t last very long and costs an exorbitant amount, clients will very quickly get fed up with you.

A great business that doesn’t only focus on profits alone, but understands that long-term (and sustainable) relationships are an important aspect and will see assured success.

Choosing aluminium can directly ensure you create a superior standard of quality with your clients. But what does this mean for the bottom line:

  • When you achieve the superior quality you stand above the competition. Your client will not even consider anyone else because they know for sure you are going to give them what they are looking for, and more. Overall, quality always sells better than other factors, like low pricing.
  • Customer expectations can be set and managed easily because you can rely on the material you are working with. Customers will know that you will deliver on the promise for quality and will never have to second guess or doubt their supplier.
  • When you provide great quality materials and service you directly build and grow your business reputation. Quality and reputation are so closely related. When products don’t match the standard of quality that was promised, don’t doubt that people will hear about it.
  • A quality product creates customer loyalty that generates increased leads. When customers find a product they trust, they return, make repeat purchases, and recommend the product or service to others.

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