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Our aluminium door styles open a world of opportunity

Our aluminium door styles open a world of opportunity

Our aluminium door styles open a world of opportunity

You may be wondering how many aluminium door styles there could possibly be? Well, the answer quite simply is – as many as you can imagine. This sounds too good to be true? Not only are there many classic styles, but aluminium lends itself to customisation. This means that the metal can be bent and manipulated to just about any shape and to fit any opening.

Quite often the design of a door is easily forgotten about. You may think it’s simply just a functional item in the house and won’t make the cut in terms of being a masterpiece. And sadly, the importance of a good quality door is also overseen. A door quite literally transforms one space into another. From outside to inside, from one room with a specific function to another.

But what makes a good door?

  1. Is it strong and secure? Most often, for example with a front door or garage door, the main function of the door is security. A door will most certainly always protect the home’s primary point of entry. It goes without saying then that the door you choose, and most importantly the material of that door, needs to be strong.
  2. Great doors are also beautiful. Think about it. A front door and garage door are very often the first thing visitors will see. Why not make it a statement? A door provides a real opportunity for you to add in subtle colours, textures and finishes to complement the look you are going for.
  3. Good entry doors are weather resistant. Doors leading to any exterior, whether it’s the back or front door, need to protect the home from weather. The door needs to be able to handle strong winds, rain, heavy storms and even hail.
  4. Good quality doors should require little maintenance. Door styles can range from wooden right through to plain glass. When choosing a door, you’re really spoilt for choice. But maintenance plays a big part in the quality of a door in the long run. Doors must be made to last. Materials such as steel and wood are beautiful but sadly they need quite a bit of maintenance over time.

Why aluminium doors make for a quality door

Aluminium doors are strong, durable, lightweight, affordable and require minimal framing. So this means that while the door itself is incredibly strong and can withstand weather (and other forces), minimal framing means that more glass can be utilised. Glass complements an aesthetically appealing and modern look. Other traits of aluminium door styles includes great insulation properties, it’s non-combustible and the material is recyclable too. For the creative eye, the best part about aluminium door styles is that the material is easily manipulated making it customisable to any shape or form. This allows the designer’s imagination to run wild.

There are also a wide variety of aluminium door styles to choose from. You and your client have a number of choices when it comes to including the high-quality properties of aluminium to your project. Chances are that if it’s classified as a door, aluminium can spruce up the look and functionality of it.

While we offer many types of doors, we really pride ourselves on custom aluminium designs. We won’t simply place a stock standard door in any opening, we will have a look at the entire project and custom-make an aluminium door style for you.

Aluminium Doors

We offer a wide variety of aluminium door styles:

Garage doors

Often garage doors are the very first thing you see when approaching a home, so it really does makes sense that it is a feature of the home. We design, manufacture and install custom-made and purpose-driven garage doors. Using aluminium means that you are guaranteed that the garage doors will see many a new car parked in its safe place due to the long-lasting and maintenance-free properties of aluminium. Have a look at some of our garage door applications here.

Hinge doors

The most common type of door due to its easy functionality, strength and stability, is the hinge door which also happens to be beautiful. Simple custom-solutions like powder coating, frosting the glass, applying elegant handles, locks and hardware can turn a simple door into something we can call spectacular.

Pivot doors

Now here is a way to add a statement feature to a home with a great big and stylish pivot door. We offer simple custom-solutions like powder coating, applying elegant handles, locks and hardware. If privacy is something you are after, we are able to add in frosted or patterned finishes to the glass.

Tilt and turn doors

Our Crealco Serene 52mm tilt & turn doors are a European-style masterpiece now available for the home. These doors offer sleek finishes adding a modern and sophisticated look. The difference is seen in the inward tilting feature which allows airflow into the home. Looking for that high-end feel? Installing a tilt & turn door is the solution.

The best of all aluminium door styles – the sliding door

Aluminium Doors

We offer a range of sliding aluminium door styles depending on your project needs and style:

  • Knysna sliding doors offers a low-cost and low-maintenance solution to introducing an aluminium door style into the home.
  • Sliding folding doors offer a beautiful touch to the home seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor areas of a home.
  • Prima sliding doors looking for a contemporary aesthetic appeal, then this aluminium door style is the answer for any patio.
  • Palace multi-sliding doors make a grand statement and allow for a much larger piece of glass.
  • Valencia sliding doors bring the feeling of Spain home with this multi-sliding aluminium door style.
  • Villa sliding doors is a low-cost alternative allowing for maximum light and ensuring no water leakage.

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