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Does your current aluminium supplier provide you with the architectural aluminium windows that you need?

Does your current aluminium supplier provide you with the architectural aluminium windows that you need?

Does your current aluminium supplier provide you with the architectural aluminium windows that you need?

Architectural aluminium windows provide many benefits over other standard building materials. If your client wants maximum natural light in their home with a sleek and modern industrial look, aluminium windows may be the perfect solution.

Aluminium is incredibly strong, durable and requires little maintenance. The metal is also lightweight. As a result, it’s easier to move around and less expensive for your client.

Aluminium windows are an increasingly popular choice for contemporary buildings, both residential and commercial. Whether you are planning and managing a new project, or you are renovating an existing one, your choice of window has a big impact on the overall final aesthetics and comfort of your home.

So your client is convinced aluminium is the way to go and now you need to find an architectural aluminium windows supplier.

To ensure the project is a success you need a reliable supplier who offers impeccable service and quality. To help you decide on a supplier, we have put together a few common yet important questions to ask yourself when reviewing aluminium companies.

What to ask when reviewing architectural aluminium windows suppliers:

Are they providing anything different?

Aluminium is a well-known and common material. It has been used in the construction industry for many years. The metal is malleable and opens up a world of creative possibility in construction. It can be rolled and bent to any shape, making your client’s vision a reality. The supplier you choose needs to be willing and able to offer you something different, because aluminium allows for that.

Gone are the days when windows are just functional. In modern architectural planning, windows have the opportunity to be so much more now. They can enhance a home in the way and shape they let in light and air, and the way they open spaces both inside and outside the house.

Do they give you a variety of options?

Windows serve a specific purpose, but it doesn’t necessarily mean all have to be the same. There is a world of opportunity for choice at your disposal.

Aluminium windows come in a variety of options:

These aluminium windows are top and side hung and can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. These large windows are perfect when high winds may be a possible challenge. This window is a top performer and has excellent water drainage. It can also include multi-locking capabilities to accommodate large vents. These are the most commonly seen aluminium windows on the market, however they can be made unique using customisable powder coatings and handles.

  • Tilt and turn windows

This is an upmarket, European style aluminium solution. The windows have broad, smooth, rounded edges and are beautifully finished to create a modern and sophisticated look. Versatility can be seen in the design of the hinged door or casement window, as well as an innovative and effortless tilt and turn opening system. These windows are distinct by nature and allow for inward tilting and natural airflow. If the project you are working on is a high-end residential or modern commercial building, this is the window of choice to achieve exceptional style.

  • Sliding windows

This style of window has a range of options from Knysna sliding windows, Grecian sliding windows, Palace multi-sliding windows and Prima sliding windows. All of the sliding windows offer greater light and airflow as well as a reliable and secure locking mechanism. With a smooth and light sliding action, these windows open up a world of possibility for choice.

architectural aluminium windows

Are they only providing you with standardised window sizes and specifications?

The great thing about aluminium is it can be fabricated to any specification. So if your supplier is requesting standard sizes or shapes, they are sadly not utilising aluminium in its best possible way.

The architectural aluminium windows supplier should be open and honest about this as it remains one of the core benefits and advantages of using aluminium, among many others of course.

Are they offering a custom aluminium solution?

When choosing a supplier for your architectural aluminium windows, are you being offered custom aluminium solutions? Being able to produce individual products to match the client and the project needs is imperative. We know you have worked hard to understand what it is your client wants, and aluminium is your opportunity to give your client exactly that. A window that really speaks to their idea and dream of their residence or building.

Why should you consider Inso Architectural Solutions?

Here are a few reasons why we are a great architectural aluminium windows supplier:

  • We have nearly two decades of experience and are the largest and fastest growing independent custom manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors in Africa. We have extensive experience in servicing all ends of the residential and commercial markets. We are renowned for our service not only nationally but throughout Africa.
  • We offer you customisable solutions which we focus and pride ourselves on. We create custom products for you, based on your projects specific needs. It’s all about making sure the project you are working on turns out exactly the way you (and your client) envisioned it.
  • We have joined forces with industry-leading partners which means you are given the best possible solution, backed by renowned industry leaders, associations and councils.
  • Our quality is truly unbeatable. We guarantee impeccable service, knowledge, experience and workmanship and have a long list of clients to show for it.
  • For peace of mind, we have an innovative tool to help you, the project manager, ensure you have received a fair quote and your timings are correct.
  • We form part of the much bigger PG aluminium group and are able to leverage off their wealth of experience and knowledge in the construction industry.

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