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Why our architectural aluminium systems stand out from the crowd

Why our architectural aluminium systems stand out from the crowd

Why our architectural aluminium systems stand out from the crowd

Architectural aluminium systems (and professionally supplied ones at that) are not simply a solution that just anyone can provide. It takes years of experience, knowledge and industry know-how to be able to provide a solution that suits you, the architect as well as your client’s needs.

Providing an architectural aluminium system that works for you is about looking for a total solution. Not about offering a standard product. Many suppliers will claim to provide a solution. But do they? Do they understand enough about what “offering a solution” really means? A solution is a process of determining the answer to a problem, or it could even be the answer itself.

So when an aluminium company says that they offer a solution, it is important to have a look how many years of industry experience they have under their belt. Many years of industry experience is a good indicator of being able to problem solve. One can only problem solve if one has learnt, over time, how to overcome challenges. It takes experience and facing these challenges to learn from them. This is not something a textbook can teach you.  

What to look out for when considering a supplier of architectural aluminium systems

The architectural aluminium systems must be suited to a client’s specific needs

When specifying a project for a client, it is important to take a number of things into consideration. The most suitable product can only be selected if the aluminium company takes your needs, as the project manager on the project into consideration.

Gone are the days where projects have standard specifications which means that standard products are not going to cut it. In the modern age we live in, there are so many technical advances that can make an aluminium company stand out among their competitors.

We have invested in state of the art technology in the form of one-of-a-kind software which is connected to our manufacturing machinery. This innovative move sets us, as an aluminium company, apart from our competitors. The software allows us to create any specification required by the architect. As you know, aluminium by nature can be forged to any shape and so this technology helps us take advantage of aluminium’s full potential. So, when we say we are a custom manufacturer, we really mean it.

Where does the manufacturing take place?

An aluminium supplier that invests in their own facilities really means business. Many suppliers in the market rely on their products being manufactured externally. So not only are the products then by nature standard in terms of specifications, but the supplier then loses control over their quality standards.

All architectural aluminium systems manufactured by us are done at our own production facility. The products quality is completely in our hands.

We are also very proud to have invested in our in-house, fully employed and trained staff. It is very important to us that we ensure full control and thus quality from design specification, commissioning through to manufacturing and installation of the product.

Does the aluminium company offer you a variety of architectural aluminium systems?

Customised solutions would not be complete if it didn’t go hand in hand with a range of architectural aluminium systems to choose from. There are so many things to consider when choosing the right  type of window or door.

We know each client and project is unique, and so having a variety to choose from means that you can really meet your client’s needs

  • We know you have a budget to stick to. You are being trusted to find the best solution within the constraints of the budget, which we know is getting tighter and tighter.
  • Your project or client may call for a specific type of feature in either a door or window. Whether this is sliding or folding doors and windows which for example allow maximum airflow whereas pivot doors make a grand entrance.
  • The desired aesthetic appearance can also better be achieved when you have many types of systems to choose from. Tilt and turn windows for example help achieve the desired European[KN1]  style.
  • Different types of architectural aluminium systems provide a different level of thermal insulation properties.
  • Some types of systems provide better security features for installations such as garage doors and front doors, where safety and security is a must.
  • Glass and glazing requirements can easily vary from client to client depending on the application. Bathroom windows require privacy and therefore glazing is a must, whereas front doors with a pane glass insert can be quite a feature.

We offer a wide range of doors and windows. We are also happy to provide professional advice on all architectural aluminium systems to ensure your clients’ needs are met. With a variety of styles available as well as our ability to custom design, we are sure to find the best solution for your all your clients’ needs (and budget).

How focused is the aluminium company on hardware?

There is absolutely no use having a superbly designed and specified door, when the locks and handles are substandard.

We focus heavily on the quality and type of hardware we use on our products. This ensures that your client gets the best quality product in its entirety.

The quality of a lock, wheels and handles will affect the working performance of the product. If these are not of the best quality, the life of the product and ultimately the cost will be affected negatively.

Aluminium by nature requires very little maintenance over time. To ensure you and your clients get a product that will have the best possible performance over time, the hardware is a very important aspect of the final product.

And what about the glass?

Glass also plays a very important role in the performance of a door or window. From an aesthetic, thermal and also from a security point of view, glass makes all the difference.

We are in a unique position to offer a full range of glass, from simple single glazed float glass through to the highest performing solar controlled glass.

With our focus on quality, we have our own in-house double-glazing factory.  Double glazing is for those clients looking for a solution to keep their home at just the right temperature through summer and winter, and also to reduce noise levels within their home.

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