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Why we are the aluminium company that stands out above the rest

Why we are the aluminium company that stands out above the rest

Finding an aluminium company to partner with can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the right partner to provide the right solution for your aluminium windows and doors. You may think that price is the best indicator of a great partner.  If your chosen supplier can help you cut costs then they should be the best aluminium company to partner with? This is not necessarily the case.


If the price is your only deciding factor, can you say with confidence that you are assured of quality products, workmanship and service? Will your chosen company have the experience and knowledge to pull off the vision you have for your project? Will they be there when you need them most? Will you be surprised by any hidden costs and terms?


Price is just one of the many considerations you need to take into account when it comes to choosing the right aluminium company for your (and your clients) project needs.


There are so many more questions you should be asking:

  • Is the aluminium company experienced and reputable?
  • Who are their clients and what work have they done in the past?
  • Are they experienced in the specific project you are working on?
  • Are they meticulous about the quality of their workmanship and materials?
  • Will they give you great service and can you rely on them when you need them the most?
  • Who are they affiliated to and do they have sound partnerships so you are assured of the best possible workmanship?

Here are 5 reasons why we are the aluminium company of choice

Nearly 20 years experience

We have a long and proud history!  We have been around the block and have seen and been involved in trends from inception to evolution. Inso Architectural Solutions began in 2000, which means we’ve been around for almost two decades. We are proud to say that we are the largest and fastest growing independent custom manufacturers of aluminium windows and doors in Africa. We have extensive experience in servicing all ends of the residential and commercial markets. We are renowned for our service not only nationally but throughout Africa.


Thanks to our experience, which extends across our vast footprint and wide range of happy customers, we have pretty much seen all the ups and downs that the aluminium and construction industry has to offer. We also fully understand all the fashions, fads and taste changes in the industry. We know how to spot quality without hesitation. Just as the aluminium industry has evolved, we as an aluminium company have too.


But in our endeavour to remain relevant and competitive, one thing has remained the same for two long decades: our smile is our logo, our personality is our business card. How we leave our clients feeling, after they have experienced our service, is our trademark.

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Our aluminium company offers bespoke aluminium solutions

We focus and pride ourselves on our bespoke solutions approach to all projects. We specialise in the custom design, manufacture and installation of aluminium windows and doors. We partner with you, the project manager, to ensure the aesthetic appeal and functionality of each and every component. We create custom products for you, based on your specific needs. It’s all about making sure the project you are working on turns out exactly the way you (and your client) envisioned it.

Formed from the PG group

If you didn’t already know, Inso aluminium was formed from PG Aluminium and is now the leading manufacturer and installer of architectural aluminium windows and doors in Southern Africa. Through our partnership and experience from the group, we ensure our clients get all the security and benefits of dealing with a large corporate organisation combined with flexibility, service and personal attention of an owner-managed business.


Industry leading partners

Having the right partners on board makes the difference between good and great products and services. Our partnerships and affiliations go back to the beginning of our company’s existence, and we’ve built up relationships that work for us and benefit our customers too.


To ensure that we offer the best possible solution for you and your clients, we are proudly associated and affiliated to numerous associations, councils and groups. This ensures that we know (and exceed) best practice in the industry.


We are very proud to be partners with the following reputable groups of experts:

  • South African Institute of Architects (SAIA)
  • Glass partners
  • South African Glass and Glazing Association (SAGGA) – of which we are registered members
  • PG Group
  • National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)
  • AAAMSA Group
  • GHI Architectural Solutions
  • Architectural Ironmongers Contract Group
  • Alsysco
  • National Consumers Bureau

All of our partners are strategically chosen to ensure we are able to pass on their knowledge and experience to you (and your client). This means that you can be assured of the quality of our manufactured and installed glass and aluminium products. And we are able to serve all ends of the residential and commercial market at an affordable price.


Most importantly – our quality is unbeatable

Quality is also about impeccable service, knowledge, experience and workmanship. With our selected premium partnerships in place and nearly 20 years of experience, we can assure you of the best possible quality. And if you’re still not convinced, we have a long list of clients to show for it. We are firm believers that quantity is GOOD, but quality is KING! We work very hard to maintain our reputation of service excellence. Our clients will vouch for this.


Does the aluminium company you’re considering offer you full transparency?

Choosing the right aluminium company shouldn’t be a guessing game, and it definitely shouldn’t be left to chance. Take the time to make sure the company you choose to be your project partner guarantees quality workmanship, materials, expertise and has a proven track record.

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