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3 Best Walk in Shower Design Ideas for Your Next Project

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3 Best Walk in Shower Design Ideas for Your Next Project

Walk in showers are a huge design trend at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are they easy on the eye, but they are the definition of comfort and accessibility. If you are looking for a way to make your clients bathroom feel bigger and more open, even if they don’t have the space, then a walk in shower is the perfect design fit and a great alternative to regular showers. There are several different design features, benefits and styles of walk in showers, let’s take a look at some of these below. 

The features and benefits of a Walk in shower

Many clients are forgoing traditional bathroom designs which include a bathtub, standard shower enclosures or even a bath and shower combo, for a walk-in shower. This new bathroom trend is an excellent alternative to this traditional bathroom design and works well in both large and small bathrooms. 

What makes a walk in shower such a popular choice? Well, a walk in shower or level access shower, as they are often called, is essentially a wet room. Unlike regular shower enclosures, there is no mobility limiting step which allows for easy access and use. A walk in shower provides a seamless transition from your bathroom floor into the shower, making it perfect for elderly people and those with disabilities or limited mobility.  

Walk in showers often make use of easy clean glass which minimises the risk of mould. This kind of shower design reduces the number of places where water can collect, preventing mould and grime from forming under the glass door or in the door seals in the shower area. 

But there are not just practical and functional benefits to this shower design. Walk in showers are versatile and customisable, which is why they are often the number one choice for architects and designers. They lend themselves to several different applications and can be designed and customised to fit any space. You are able to make the bathroom space work for you instead of having to work around a standard shower kit, allowing the creative juices to flow so you can design a space that talks to your client’s style and aesthetics, whatever these may be.

Top 3 Walk In Shower Design Styles

Top 3 Walk In Shower Design Styles

Walk in showers lend themselves to so many different applications, styles and comfort levels and have changed the way we think about bathroom design and shower ideas. They offer freedom and flexibility for design as well as comfort and style, which plays a significant role in the design of the rest of the bathroom. A bathroom is an extension of the home and this style needs to be reflected and carried throughout. This can be done through the choice of materials, accessories, tiles and décor.  We look at three popular walk in shower design styles below. 

The Modern Look

The Modern Look - Walk in Shower

Modern and contemporary styles make use of clean lines, minimalism, and a sleek, uncluttered look, which is why frameless walk in showers, with their glass shower screens, are a perfect fit for this style. This spacious spa-like shower is characterised by the use of solid glass panels, which act as shower screens and give the illusion of more space. The transparent walls of glass with no metal frames create a grand, open, clean, and airy feel to the bathroom. They also provide an illusion of an airier and bigger space giving the bathroom an upscale feel. Modern style walk in showers are often doorless showers allowing you to walk straight in and out. These showers offer lots of natural light and provide a sleek, clean look when paired with ceramic tiles. A balance of comfort and style is often utilised in this bathroom design, with underfloor heating and digital showers becoming prominent features. 

Traditional Roots 

Traditional Roots - Walk in Shower

Walk in showers can be translated into a traditional bathroom design, in both big and small spaces. By using frameless showers with a door, you can create the perfect traditional walk in shower for your clients. To enhance this design style utilise natural stone, traditional-style hardware, showerheads, light fittings and add décor elements. Think warm and inviting tones, where clients can add texture by pulling in a bathroom mat and a personal touch by adding trinkets, frames with pictures/posters etc. By using different décor elements, a bathroom design that suits the traditional feel of your clients home can be created. 

Eccentric and Industrial 

Eccentric and Industrial

Eccentric and industrial style bathrooms allow you to get creative with the space and make it your own. Industrial style design thrives off of the use of different textures like wood, metal, and glass. Accent this style by showing the pipes and systems in your walk in shower. Embrace the raw and open industrial feel. If you want to create an eccentric style bathroom, you can play with different colour combinations, patterned wall tiles, and a variety of textures. Let the frameless glass walk in shower be the colourful art piece that gets everyone talking.


The inclusion of a walk in shower in your bathroom design has many benefits, both in terms of functionality and style. Walk in showers increase the value of your home, especially where accessibility and maintenance are concerned. They also lend themselves to several different styles and can be customised to suit a large or tight space and your unique design and aesthetic needs.

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Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

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