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3 Trending Aluminium Door Designs In South Africa

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Trending Aluminium Door Designs in South Africa (1)

A door is so much more than just a functional object that allows individuals to walk in and out of a room or building. A door, when chosen correctly, has the ability to frame a space, tell a story about what you can expect on the interior and provide a welcoming introduction to the environment. It is because of this that the design of a door is so essential. In recent years aluminium door designs have become a popular design choice for residential builds and commercial projects in South Africa. We look at what makes aluminium door designs such a trend and highlight our Inso top three door designs, their benefits and applications below. 

As mentioned above, several different aluminium door designs are on the market, each fit for a purpose and application. We have highlighted our top picks below.

1. Aluminium Sliding Door Design

sliding aluminium door designs

Aluminium sliding doors have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons, including their classic design. They effortlessly connect and transition interior spaces and exterior environments so that they feel bigger and more open. Their large panes of glass enhance the amount of natural light within a room and provide better views. This door system is also a great space saver as there are no hinges or bulky systems, allowing you to utilise every inch of space available. There are several sliding aluminium door designs on offer, these include:

Folding Sliding Doors

This aluminium folding door design, also known as a bifold door, is the perfect addition to any home or office space. The design and construction of aluminium stacking doors make them ideal for facilitating an open-plan layout and feel. The aluminium folding door design gets its name from the sliding and folding way in which they open. Each panel slides, folds and stacks itself against the next, providing a large opening to that space. These folding doors have become increasingly popular with homeowners looking to use the design of aluminium stacking doors to transcend their space and create multi-purpose rooms. 

Prima Sliding Doors

This door system has been designed with contemporary aesthetic appeal in mind. They are perfect for having an enclosed space yet still wanting it to feel open. This sliding door system works well in patio areas and similarly in office spaces to create separate offices or boardrooms. 

Palace Multi Sliding Doors

Offer the wow factor and add grandeur to any entrance with this door system. These sliding doors are bigger than your average sliding doors system and act as a statement piece in any building. This glass door system can be made up of several panels and now also has a multi-door sliding option depending on your needs.

Knysna Sliding Doors

This door system is known for its smooth and light sliding action, as well as its reliable and secure locking mechanism. They integrate into any space effortlessly with their design aesthetic. They are excellent in sealing against water and air infiltration, making these doors perfect for coastal areas and areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

2. Aluminium Pivot Door Designs

pivot aluminium door designs

Pivot doors are considered to be one of the best aluminium door design options for entrance doors. This is because pivot doors are bold, sophisticated and make for a grand entrance into any space. These statement doors are heavyweight and rotate on a spindle as opposed to fixed hinges attached to a door frame. This makes them a welcoming and perfect option for aluminium front door designs. The name comes from the swinging motion that the door makes when it moves. They are a popular design choice because they offer a high-end look, better stability, space saving abilities and encourage air circulation and ventilation.

3. Aluminium double door designs

double aluminium door designs

One of the most popular aluminium front double door designs are the hinge double doors. This door system is an excellent choice for internal and external entrances for both commercial and residential builds. They are robust, secure and fully weatherproof, ensuring protection against daily wear and tear. This has made a hinged door the perfect choice for those looking for aluminium kitchen door designs or stable doors for the laundry or office. You can also match these doors to your unique aesthetic and style needs with customer handles, locks and other hardware options.

Why Are Aluminium Door Designs So Popular?

Aluminium is a versatile metal that is highly customisable. What does this mean in terms of aluminium door designs? Simply put, it means that the sky’s the limit in terms of what design options are possible.

This lightweight, high quality metal can be customised to various sizes for different shapes and applications depending on your unique design needs. With many colour options as well as single and double glazing applications available, you are able to create a wide range of contemporary, sleek and modern aesthetics and looks.

One of the other benefits of utilising this metal is that it is corrosion-resistant and durable, ensuring that it will stand the test of time against our extreme weather conditions. Aluminium doors are also economical, affordable and cost-effective due to the little maintenance required to maintain the door systems, energy efficiency and longevity. They are also an eco-friendly choice.

With all of these benefits, it is no surprise that aluminium door designs have become so popular with residential and commercial builds.


With so many different aluminium frame door designs on the market, it is often difficult to know which ones to choose for your residential or commercial build. Our team at Inso Aluminium is always on hand to provide you with the knowledge necessary to find the perfect solution and make the best choice from our range of premium doors for your build or project. We are committed to offering the best aluminium door design price and can customise our aluminium window and door designs to meet your specific needs and requirements.

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