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7 Window Glass Types, Styles and How to Choose the Right One for your Project

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7 Window Glass Types, Styles and How to Choose the Right One for your Project

Windows are part frame, part glass. As Aluminium Window experts, we talk more about the frames. But what about the glass? In this article, you’ll get to know more about the different types of window glass available and when you should make use of which, as well as a few signs to look out for when determining whether to repair or to replace a window pane.

Uses of Window Glass

Glass is one of those wonderful, multifaceted manufactured materials that is used for a variety of things from containers and jars to windows and windshields. Today, we’re here to speak specifically about the uses of glass for windows.

Commercial Glass Windows

Depending on the kind of commercial property you own, you may consider installing different windows to those typically found in residential buildings. The glass used for commercial windows often features a coating that works to help reflect the sun and its energy. These special coatings are effective in keeping spaces cool especially throughout the summer months.

Residential Glass Windows

The majority of glass windows in residential buildings feature plain glass panes, and on occasion, frosted glass is used in spaces that require privacy such as bathrooms. That being said there are many other kinds of glass and coatings that can be used for windows in residential spaces.

Types of Glass Windows

The list of glass windows available is pretty extensive, and it would like more time than we have to provide you with the details of each. Instead, let’s discuss the seven most common types of glass windows.

1. Frosted Glass Windows

Any type of glass that has been made opaque or non-transparent is considered to be frosted glass. Frosted glass is the most popular for use in bathrooms and is favoured because it still allows for natural light without impacting the privacy of the space. Frosted glass is also very common for shower doors.

2. Pane Windows

“Glass pane” refers to the actual sheet of glass that makes up a window. Most windows feature a single glass pane, however, double, triple and thermal paned windows exist as well.

3. Sealed Windows

Sealed windows and window sealing units exist to increase insulation. The window sealing unit is the glazing part of a window that sits inside the frame. It typically consists of multiple glass panes that are individually separated by a gas-filled air pocket which creates a layer of insulation.

4. Stained Windows

Also known as stained glass windows, stained windows are windows that exist almost exclusively as decoration. Stained windows are typically found in churches and other religious buildings, however, they have become popular as features in some kitchens and backdoors.

5. Glazed Windows

Much like sealed and thermal windows, window glazing is done for noise protection and insulation. Glazed windows are typical in residential buildings and homes where low temperatures are normal in winter. We’ve found glazing to be more common for clients who need noise protection as opposed to insulation.

6. Aluminium Glass Windows

Aluminium glass windows are more about the frame than anything else. In fact, all of the previously mentioned kinds of glass windows are available in aluminium frames. Unlike other kinds of window frames, aluminium windows are highly resistant to corrosion and known for withstanding harsh weather.

7. Frameless Aluminium Windows

A product that combines aluminium and glass in a way that is contemporary, maximises the glass visible and minimises the amount of frame needed. Frameless windows are preferred for modern homes with incredible views.

Which glass is best for Architectural Windows?

Which glass is best for Architectural Windows

Now that you know what’s popular when it comes to window glass, which is best for architectural windows? Almost every kind of glass can work with architectural windows. However, we do have three personal favourites:
Tinted Glass – Window glass that has been tinted with dyes and pigments in the manufacturing process.
Float Glass – Metal, typically tin and glass are combined in the manufacturing process to create glass that is uniform in its thickness and incredibly flat on its surface.
Low-E Glass – Short for low emissivity, low-E glass emits lower levels of radiant thermal energy, making it safer than other glass options available.

Window Glass Repair and Replacement

It can quickly become a costly activity to repair or replace damaged or broken window glass depending on the type of glass or window that needs fixing. And sometimes it’s not even necessary to get a professional involved, but how do you know what to do? Here’s what you should know:

  • A crack in your window that is longer than an inch is beyond repair
  • Windows with multiple pane layers that have cracks in more than one are also beyond repair
  • Single pane windows are the easiest to fix DIY-style
  • Weather damage of any kind typically calls for replacement rather than repair
  • Foggy windows are repairable
  • Chipped glass is repairable

Window Installation

At Inso Aluminium, we believe that service matters. Our reviews, ratings and the experience of our happier customers would suggest that we’re excellent at what we do. So whether you’re looking to install new windows in your current space, need advice on which windows to choose for your latest renovation project, or are simply in need of a bit more information about aluminium windows, our team of experts are ready to help. Get in touch today!

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