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Aluminium Double Door: Your Complete Guide

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Aluminium Double Doors - Your complete guide

Doors are about functionality, sure. But they’re also very much about design, material and aesthetics. Traditionally, double doors were used as the front doors to larger houses and high-end real estate. Today, they come in a variety of designs and styles and are installed just about anywhere. From kitchen doors to sliding patio doors and even garage doors in-between, aluminium double doors have become a popular choice and in many cases out-bid the stable door, single doors and other standard doors. The double style door is exceptionally popular when it’s made of aluminium. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about aluminium double doors.

Aluminium Double Door Designs

Robust, secure, fully weatherproof and long-lasting, aluminium double door systems are ideal for both internal and external entrances. Double aluminium doors are available in a variety of styles including French doors, sliding doors, hinged doors and garage doors to name a few.

Popular Double Door Styles

Popular Aluminiium Double Door styles

One of the most common instances where you’ll find hinged aluminium double doors is at the entrance to modern residential properties. However, they are common as garage doors and doors in commercial properties, and as kitchen doors in larger homes.

Homeowners tend to prefer matching their aluminium doors to the architecture and aesthetics of their homes by choosing colours, handles, hardware and an overall door design that works.

Pros of Double Aluminium Doors

  • Homes with wide entry walkways are ideal for installing double entry doors.
  • Large front doors have excellent curb appeal and make for a great first impression.
  • Double aluminium doors not only look good, but they’re also functional and sturdy.
  • When sliding glass aluminium doors are installed in kitchens or living spaces as patio access points, they let in a lot of light and work to bring the outdoors in.
  • Double doors are convenient as one can be left open to allow for airflow whilst maintaining privacy.

Cons of Double Aluminium Doors

As with anything, when installed in a space that is either too small or not adequately laid out, double doors may be more of a nuisance than anything else. That’s why it’s important to consult experts, like our team at Inso, before committing to a specific door design.

Aluminium Double Sliding Doors

Double Aluminium Sliding Doors

Durability and longevity, as well as energy efficiency enhancement, are high on the list of requirements today’s homeowners consider when making practical decisions about their homes. Glass sliding aluminium doors add a modern feel to just about any home. They are stylish, secure and child-friendly, whilst saving space and allowing for natural airflow. One might even say they tick all the boxes.

Our Double Sliding Doors

Knysna Sliding Door

Smooth and light when sliding, our Knysna Sliding Doors are designed to be low-maintenance, easy to repair, affordable to install and long-lasting. They come with all-weather seals, making them perfect for any climate, and their locking mechanism is tried and tested. Knysna Sliding Doors are available in a variety of trendy colours and finishes ensuring they suit your specific taste.

Prima Sliding Door

Designed with contemporary aesthetics in mind, our Prima Sliding Doors are not only versatile in style, they’re a practical addition to any space. They’re fitted with nylon rollers, weather-proof sealing pads, robber stoppers and standard lever lock handles. Prima Sliding Doors are fully reversible, making them the most practical sliding door option available.

Aluminium Double Garage Doors

Aluminium Double garage doors

Essential to both residential and commercial properties, garage doors need not only be practical, they need to provide a sense of safety. That’s why we at Inso design, manufacture and install garage doors made with purpose. Our double garage doors are lightweight, durable, low-maintenance, versatile, and of course, affordable. In fact, we offer the best aluminium double garage doors prices in South Africa –– tailored to your budget.

Aluminium Kitchen Double Doors

The trend that has lasted for decades as far as kitchens go is to design them with an open plan layout. Although this is the case, many homeowners may still prefer doors that enclose their kitchens. Sliding or hinged double aluminium French doors are an ideal internal barrier as they separate the kitchen from, say, the living room. yet because they’re glass-panelled, light can still be shared between rooms. Double sliding aluminium doors work well and are favoured in kitchens that have an external access point. The work to join two spaces such as a patio and kitchen, thus bringing the outside in.


Aluminium double doors work well in a variety of spaces and are available in many styles to suit the needs and tastes of an array of clients. Homeowners and architects alike trust us to provide them with double aluminium doors like no other. We believe in meeting the clients’ exact project requirements rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution. Get an instant quote today for more.

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