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Aluminium front doors: Your complete guide

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Aluminium Front Doors Your complete guide

One of the first things guests are greeted with when they visit is your front door. Sure, they see the exterior of your house and may be charmed by your front garden, but let’s not forget that the front door is the literal entrance to your home, so you want it to look good and function well. Aluminium front doors are strong, secure and durable. Over and above being functional, they always look good.

Aluminium Front Door Designs

The right door strikes the perfect balance between looking good within its space and performing its desired function. That said, there are a variety of things that you need to consider when selecting your perfect front door.

Aluminium Front Doors For Homes

Aluminium Front Doors For Homes (1)

Our range of aluminium doors caters to a variety of needs. These are the two styles that we recommend you consider installing as a front door for your home:

Serene 52mm Tilt & Turn Door

The Crealco Serene aluminium door system is a European style product with high-quality hardware. These doors are characterised by their broad, smooth and rounded edges along with their finishing that creates a sophisticated, modern look. The Serene is versatile and designed as a hinged door with an innovative turn and tilt opening system.

Pivot Doors Single

Pivot doors are more like statement pieces than anything else. Sure they function as doors but they’re also bold and sophisticated, allowing for a grand entrance into any space. They’re heavyweight and rotate on a spindle as opposed to fixed hinges like traditional doors. They’re perfect for the entrance of large, modern homes.

Aluminium Front Doors For Commercial Properties

Aluminium Front Doors For Commercial Properties

Aluminium doors work well for commercial properties. We have two styles that make for good front doors, depending on the building and nature of your business.

Hinge Doors

Available for installation as both double and single doors, hinged aluminium doors fit perfectly at the entrance of offices, especially those located in shared commercial office buildings. They take up their fair share of space and should be installed where they won’t be in the way when opened. Our selection is available in a range of colours and glass finishings.

Aluminium Garage Doors

Commercial buildings often have a garage door as their front because they’re a practical option for many business owners. The aluminium garage door is the perfect combination of industrial and contemporary. All the aluminium garage doors we offer are overhead doors and are fit for purpose before aesthetics. Although, they can be customised to fit your preference.

Reasons to Choose Aluminium Front Doors

Reasons to choose Aluminium Front Doors (1)

1. Style

Aesthetics is almost as important as functionality when it comes to architectural choices. Although aluminium doors tend to seem more contemporary than traditional wooden front doors, there are so many styles of aluminium doors available that this is a generalisation more than anything. That said, our range of aluminium doors cater to both contemporary and traditional tastes. View and shop our range here.

2. Affordability

Comparatively speaking, aluminium front doors are an inexpensive option. Aluminium is a widely available material that is easy to recycle. This, in combination with it being a low maintenance material and a lifespan that’s longer than other door options, makes aluminium the perfect choice for your front door.

3. Strength

Aluminium is a strong, yet lightweight composite material that works well under pressure. Most aluminium front doors are fitted with a glazed window to let in maximum light without compromising on its overall strength. They’re tougher than most other front doors which means more protection and improved security.

4. Durability

Along with their strength, aluminium front doors last longer than other available options. This durability is due to the fact that aluminium doesn’t experience warping, expansion or contraction regardless of the climate it’s exposed to. Aluminium front doors last for decades and maintain their look for just as long.

Aluminium Front Doors Prices

Everything comes at a cost, and it’s safe to say that aluminium front doors are not cheap. However, since they’re low maintenance, they are your most cost-effective option in the long run. The minimum cost of an aluminium front door and its installation is around R6 000 and the most you can expect to pay is around R30 000.

The style of door, the colour, its finishings and the kind of glass it’s installed with all contribute to the overall cost of an aluminium front door.


It’s clear that aluminium front doors are the way to go when considering durability and lifespan. When choosing a front door, it’s a good idea to have someone guide you through the process and there to advise before you make a financial commitment. At Inso Aluminium, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality aluminium products that fit your space perfectly, complement your needs and fall well within your budget. Get in touch and get a quote today.

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