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Aluminium Kitchen Doors: Your Complete Guide

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Aluminium Kitchen Doors Your Complete Guide

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. And when planning out a new kitchen, be it the facelift of an existing one or to build one from scratch, it’s important to consider the flow and how all finishes work together. As such the doors that lead in and out of the kitchen should be taken into account. Here’s everything you need to know when choosing the right aluminium kitchen doors.

Aluminium Kitchen Door Designs

The design of the door you choose for your kitchen fully depends on the purpose you need it to serve. For example, if your home is one for entertaining and often brimming with guests, then aluminium sliding doors may be the right fit. But if your home is young child and pet friendly then you should consider installing an aluminium half door in your kitchen space.

Aluminium Kitchen Half Doors

Also known as Dutch Doors and Stable doors, Half Doors are a popular choice for kitchen doors and for installing as backdoors that lead to courtyards or back gardens. The perfect combination of form and function, Half Doors allow for sunlight and airflow without the risk of having the door open entirely. Dutch doors are the kind of stable or half door that has a panel of glass or window in the top half.

How Do Aluminium Half Doors Work?

These doors are usually split in the centre or just above it. Since half doors are actually just hinged doors that are split in two, a pair of hinges are attached to the upper half and a pair is attached to the lower half. The door’s main lock is usually attached to the lower panel, and the upper panel bears a bolt or hook that fastens the two together. This way, the upper half of the door can be propped open while the bottom is closed.

Stable doors like these are popular for kitchens as they allow for airflow when cooking and also easy access to backyards or balconies. Another reason they’re popular in modern kitchens is that they allow you to serve food through the top half while keeping the bottom half locked to keep children and pets contained.

Aluminium Kitchen Double Doors

Aluminium double doors are typically favoured as front doors. However, they can be found as exterior doors in modern kitchens. They work well in homes with open plan kitchens, living and dining rooms as these spaces tend to include some sort of outdoor seating area. Our selection of double doors come in both the hinged and pivot style. They are fully customisable to fit your needs and budget.

Kitchen Aluminium Sliding Doors

Kitchen Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors come in two forms: Residential Sliding Doors and Corner Stacking Doors. In general, both fit well within kitchens, however, the right one may be determined by the amount of space you have and whether or not your layout is open-planned.

Residential sliding doors are the more common of the two styles as they can be made to fit just about anywhere, including smaller kitchens. Both work well in open living spaces as they slide neatly away and give a completely open-air feeling. Aluminium residential sliding doors glide along a floor and ceiling track and are hingeless. Their greatest benefit is that they don’t swing open and therefore, save more space than every other kitchen door system.

Corner or sliding stacking doors provide a two-thirds wide opening, allowing for easy access to your outdoor living space. They work well to combine your outdoor and indoor living spaces, and are ideal for homes where entertaining is frequent. Aluminium corner stacking doors use two panels that slide behind a single pane that is fixed. One panel slides past and interlocks with the next as they continue to slide toward a fixed pane. As the panels are slid, they collect and are stacked.

Aluminium Kitchen Doors Prices

Aluminium kitchen doors are an investment, and their price varies from supplier to supplier. When sourcing a quote for the door of your choice and the installation thereof, remember that the cheapest is often not the best. And as with most things in life, you get what you’re paying for. So shop around, speak to the experts and when comparing quotes factor in installation experience and manufacturing expertise along with the price. In addition, you should look at customer ratings and reviews before making your decision as they’re oftentimes more insightful than the information provided by the suppliers.


The smart choice is the one that fits your needs and budget to a tee. At Inso Aluminium, our team is ready and available to help you through your building project, guide you in making decisions about the installation of your aluminium windows, aluminium doors and so much more.

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