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How to choose the best aluminium supplier in Johannesburg

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aluminium supplier in Johannesburg

You are based in or have a project in Gauteng and are now looking for the best aluminium supplier in Johannesburg. But you are overwhelmed. There are just so many providers. They all claim that their work is the best and prices are the most competitive. You feel like you are at a loss but need to find a company that can assist with aluminium windows and doors.

Here are a few questions to ask when considering the best aluminium supplier in Johannesburg

How long have they been around?

It’s pretty simple, if they have been around for a while, because it’s likely that they do really great work. They have been around the block, know the tricks of the trade, understand trends and challenges. There are many aluminium suppliers in Johannesburg, and those that have been around for a while are sure to be the cream of the crop. These are the kinds of guys you want by your side when working on a new project that requires aluminium windows and doors. They know what they are doing. They have managed to stay in business and please customers time and time again. This is a good indication that the aluminium supplier is worth partnering with.

What is their capacity?

Business as an aluminium supplier in Johannesburg can be very busy, especially if you are one of the best in the industry and are therefore sought after. You need to be assured that the aluminium company you have chosen to partner with has the capacity to handle your project.  How big and how qualified is the team? Is the team made up of full time or part time employees? Is there a strong back office and admin support? The aluminium company you choose to partner with needs to be able to give you the time you deserve to ensure the success of your client’s project. So all aspects of the service you receive is an indication of the company’s capacity, even down to the returning of phone calls and time taken to respond to emails.  If they are too busy, chances are that this will impact on service delivery and product quality.

Are they able to handle the workload?

The aluminium supplier in Johannesburg needs to be able to give you the confidence that they can handle their current workload comfortably so that you can rest assured that your job will get the attention it deserves. They must have enough skilled staff, time, knowledge and experience to be able to provide a great service and to deliver a quality product.

Do some online research to see if an aluminium supplier in Johannesburg can handle your workload:

  • Check out other projects they have worked on. They should have a portfolio available on their website that they are proud of.
  • Chat with clients they have worked with and ask how the project went. This will provide great insight into the relationship they have with the client and how the project performed. Did they stick to the initial timing plan? Did they deliver on their promises?
  • Contact other partners for reference. Just like you, they would have worked with other project managers and they may have some great advice to share.
  • Look for certifications on their website. Chances are that if they are certified, they are able to pull off the job.

How long will it take them to produce the final product?

If the aluminium supplier in Johannesburg does not have the capacity and are not able to handle the workload, it is more than likely they will not meet your deadlines.  You need an aluminium supplier in Johannesburg that can stick to their word when it comes to meeting deadlines and turning a job around in a time that ensures the successful completion of a project. We all know that the knock-on effect of delays is a costly one.

But at the same time be wary of suppliers who promise unrealistic turnaround times. Quality take time. They will more than likely over-promise and under-deliver. Transparency is essential.  The chosen aluminium company should be transparent in terms of their turnaround times and keep you informed at all times. They should provide good reasons as to any expected delays and in good time.

Can they produce what you need?

We know clients; they have big dreams and ideas and they want to see these become reality. There are times where their ideas are not implementable but does not mean that they don’t deserve an equally great alternative. A great aluminium supplier in Johannesburg will do just that. A partner that will help you find solutions to any challenge posed. A partner that is able to customise their offering to ensure your clients’ needs are met, is most certainly the best partner to have. At the end of the day, happy customers are our biggest successes.

Are their products of a high quality?

We know that aluminium is one of the strongest metals to work within the construction industry.  But not all aluminium suppliers in Johannesburg offer the same quality product. Be careful of suppliers that cut corners in the manufacturing process. Low-quality aluminium is a reality and some companies and importers will use these materials to help cut costs. This can be life-threatening. High-grade aluminium is incredibly strong and the project almost always relies on the strength of this material. If the quality of the material is anything but superior, the dangers and costs are unimaginable. If your chosen aluminium partner does not use high purity aluminium, this could very quickly be the end of your business.

How reliable are they and will they come back to sort any problems?

Reliability and reputation are key to a great partner. You need to ensure your chosen aluminium company will be there for you when you need them the most and that they will stick to their word. It is important that they are able to put their money where their mouths are, for the sake of your clients. This one is easy to check up on, if they are proud of their work, they will show it. Have a look on their site for their portfolio and even contact their customers if you feel you need more convincing. It is also important to ensure that there are guarantees on the workmanship. If the proverbial paw paw hits the fan, will they be there to help you fix the problem?

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