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Glass Doors: 4 Types and 6 Styles You Should Choose For Your Next Project

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Glass Doors 4 Types and 6 Styles You Should Choose For Your Next Project

Modern, practical and more durable than you had originally thought, glass doors are your best bet for elevating your space and making it more complete. But what’s out there, and how does one even begin to choose? In this article, we break down the types and styles of glass doors available, as well as how to go about deciding which to install.

Glass Door Types

There are many types of glass doors on the market. In fact, there are so many to choose from that to talk about them all would really just be overwhelming. So instead of doing that, we’ll give you the rundown of our favourite four types:

1. uPVC Glass Door

Thermally efficient and weather-resistant, uPVC doors feature an element of insulation. These doors don’t warp or rot under the pressure of harsh climates, and they feature steel reinforcements that elevate their security.

2. Wood Door with Glass

A fairly common door from the previous century, wooden doors that feature a glass panel or window of sorts are a popular choice for installing in kitchens, as a front door, or a back door leading to an outdoor entertainment area.

3. Aluminium Glass Door

Aluminium doors have become the standard choice for architects and homeowners alike. Aluminium glass doors are available in a variety of styles and can be installed for a number of purposes. For example, sliding aluminium glass doors are great for living rooms, as exterior doors and for entertainment spaces, and glass aluminium pivot doors are preferred for front doors.

4. Frameless Glass Doors

Exactly what they sound like, frameless glass doors are between 1 and 3 inches thick panels of glass that are typically hung on a “frameless” frame (essentially, a minimal aluminium frame) or a track that the glass panels slide on.

Glass Door Styles

Glass Door Styles

Glass doors come in a variety of styles, but these are the six most popular styles:

1. Sliding Glass Door

Typically found in living rooms and entertainment spaces, sliding glass doors are large glass door structures that tend to take up the majority of the wall space they’re installed on and are always installed as two panels of glass, one fixed, and one that’s moveable.

2. Frameless Folding Glass Door

Made of several individual glass panels, frameless folding glass doors work on a runner system that allows the panels to fold and slide behind each other. These doors work well for merging two spaces into one.

3. Shower Glass Door

When you think about glass doors and their many styles, you probably don’t think of shower doors. Shower doors are likely the oldest form of glass doors and can be found in almost every home today.

4. Glass Door for Kitchen

Although most modern homes have open-plan kitchens, there are various glass doors that are appropriate to feature in a kitchen space. Some of the best and most popular are:

  • French doors
  • Sliding Aluminium doors
  • Slide and fold doors
  • Casement doors

5. Glass Front Door

According to some online sources, there are over 32 types of glass front doors. The majority of glass front doors listed online are more about the type of glass they feature than what the door is made of or where exactly the glass is located within the door. the kinds of glass we recommend for front doors with windows are:

  • Frosted glass
  • Stained glass
  • Rain glass
  • Glass and wrought iron combinations
  • Ornate glass
  • Clear glass

6. Glass Garage Doors

More durable than they might look, glass garage doors are made with tempered glass and are popular in modern homes and commercial buildings.

Glass Door Design

Glass Door Designs

Glass door designs vary depending on the space they’re installed within, the purpose they serve, and the preferences of the architect or homeowner. That said, there are three types of glass commonly featured in glass doors that you should know about:

Glass Door Frosting

Frosted glass is practical in providing privacy to a space, but it can also be decorative.

Glass Door Panels

These are the windows often featured on either side of larger glass front doors. They’re decorative panels that can feature frosted or tinted glass.

Glass Door Glazing

This type of glass lets in natural light but keeps heat out in summer and heat in during the winter. Glazing on windows and doors can also work as noise protection.

How to Choose the Best Glass Door for Your Project

Choosing a door is hard because it’s a commitment. Here are a few things we believe you should do and questions you should ask to help in making your decision:

  • Consider the room or area you’re installing the door in
  • Consider how the door may facilitate or obstruct the flow of the space
  • Consider the design, layout and functionality of the space
  • Consider how often the door is going to be used
  • Consider your own tastes and design preferences
  • Consult with an architect or designer if you’re stuck and need advice

Installing Glass Doors

Now that you’ve got all the information about glass doors, how to choose them and what’s out there, it’s time to get serious about your choice. Our team at Inso Aluminium is ready and waiting to help. Get in touch today to speak to one of our experts and we’ll get you one door closer to your dream space.

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