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Housing Design: A detailed look into all trending housing design styles

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Housing Design A detailed look into all trending housing design styles

So you’re considering building a custom home from the ground up, but you’re not quite sure where to start? When it comes to housing design and planning, there are so many things to consider and so many trends to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the process. In this article, you’ll find a complete and detailed guide to everything you need to know about the housing design process.

House Plan Design

More often than not clients tend to know what they’re looking for in a house. They might not know exactly where everything will go or have the layout finalised, but before a client approaches an architect they would have a rough idea of what they need. This being said, what exactly goes into the design of a house plan? And how does one go about the process? We believe in the following 5-step process:

1. Brainstorm & List Your Requirements

When it comes to housing design, it can be easy to get super carried away by adding frills and features you don’t particularly need. On the other hand, you might not even know where to start.

By brainstorming and listing your necessities first, you’ll be able to get a clearer idea of what you need and what they’ll cost. Include specific features for each room.

Don’t forget to consider the future when planning your new space. Do you see your family expanding? Will you need to accommodate grandparents? Do you have family members who visit regularly and may need a place to stay? These are important questions that will dictate the number of rooms and bathrooms you’ll need.

Once you have a list, you can start sketching out a rough idea of the layout you believe will work and get a picture of how everything will work together.

2. Maximise Your Space, Consider Your Plot & Showcase Its Assets

Before drawing up house plans, most people already own the plot or piece of land where they’d like it to be located. If you already know where your new house will be, you have to consider the topography of the plot, as well as its size and any additional features it may have. Decide the direction the house will face, where the yards, both front and back, will be and decide where the bedrooms will be located based on these.

3. Prioritise Custom Features

Depending on your budget, you may want your new home to feature a braai or entertainment room; maybe you’d like a pool or hot tub in the backyard. Your dream could be having a state of the art kitchen with fully kitted interiors and ample space. Or maybe you just want a master’s suite with a great view. Whatever your desires, see where and how you can incorporate them into your rough sketch. Consider the cost of each and add them based on their level of importance.

4. Consider The Facade & Exterior

Is there a specific architectural style you’ve always liked or some facade details you just have to include? Add them to your list and make sure to chat with your architect about them. Better yet, if your budget allows it, consider appointing an architect that specialises in the style you’re after.

5. Function, Flow & Light

It’s all good and well to want to build your dream house. But if the layout doesn’t full, isn’t functional and you’ve skimped on the windows, then what is the point really? Considering the flow of a space is key to its functionality. And as much as you’d like to draw up your house plans alone, getting an architect involved in this step is highly recommended.

House Design Styles

Housing Design Styles (1)

There are a few basics to housing design that you should decide on before going all-in with your building plans. These include the type of roof you’d prefer, how many storeys you’d like, whether you need more space than a simple house design, etc. Here’s a bit more information about housing design styles to get you thinking:

Flat Roof House Design

Also known as modular homes, flat roof house designs are popular as they fit well with contemporary architecture. Although they’re seen as modern in today’s terms, flat roofs date back centuries and originated in traditional Persian, Egyptian and Arabian architecture.

Double Storey House Design

Popular with larger families and in areas with more modern homes, double-storey houses are all about space and separation. Two storey homes typically have the same layouts which feature a master bedroom on the upper level with the secondary bedrooms on the lower level.

Contemporary House Design

Reflecting the current trends in architecture, contemporary house designs are all about adaptation, intrigue and what happens to be aesthetically appealing at the time that they’re built.

Simple House Design

Essentially the starter home, simple house designs are what you’d typically find in suburban areas. They’re generally built based on similar floor plans and have a standard aesthetic.

House Interior Design

When working on your new home’s interior, be it alone or alongside a qualified interior designer, there are a number of specific features you need to consider. We’ve compiled the below checklist of questions for you to work through during this process:

  • What is the architectural style of your house?
  • How many exterior doors does your house have?
  • How many interior doors does your house have?
  • How many windows does your house have?
  • What kind of metal do you prefer for hardware and finishings?
  • What kind of flooring do you want?
  • What kinds of lighting do you want?
  • What colour(s) do you want your interior walls to be? And the exterior?
  • Do you want a deck or paving for your outdoor areas?


There are countless decisions to be made throughout this process, so why not trust the experts wherever you can. At Inso Aluminium, we have first-hand experience working with both architects and interior designers to bring the dreams of our clients to life. Contact us today for all your aluminium needs, or speak to our team of experts who are ready to assist you throughout your housing design process.

Mike Moore

Mike Moore

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