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Is a pivot door the best option for your next project?

By 25th Feb 2019 Jul 17th, 2019 No Comments
pivot door

Pivot doors make a bold statement to the entrance of any building.

They are large, bold and imposing, but not cumbersome.

Pivot doors are smooth and stylish, classy and sophisticated, turning a front porch or entrance to a building into an eye-catching functional masterpiece. An aluminium glass door that smoothly pivots open, whether inside or outside of the property, does more than enhance the entrance. It makes a statement. Boldly.


Inso Aluminium is able to contribute to your project with aluminium glass doors in different designs and colours, including single or double pivot doors.

And if it’s custom sizes you need, then that is no problem either, as we are experienced professionals in catering to the specific needs of our clients. So, if you have an older property for example, that you would like to incorporate modern features into, then we would be happy to advise.

Below are a number of benefits of incorporating a pivot door into your next project:

Better stability

The pivot of this type of door is far more stable than hinges, which can weaken and move over the years, which then results in the door moving position, causing opening and closing problems.

This is because the weight of the door is taken by the hinges and the door frame and can allow wear and tear. Pivot doors are supported by top and bottom pivots, meaning all the weight bears downwards into a central point that cannot shift with time, offering far better stability.

Stylish finish

Nothing makes as bold a statement to the entrance of a home or office building like a pivot door does.

With clean lines and an unobtrusive presence when fully opened, or closed for that matter, a pivot door adds a classy presence when located correctly. The entrance to the building becomes an aesthetic showpiece, not just a functional aspect.

Space-saving presence

A wider entrance is offered due to the mechanics of the system, allowing the door to open-in on itself as it pivots, instead of opening fully into the room. This then allows you more chance to utilise your space for something else other than pedestrian traffic and space needed for traditional door arcs.

Encourages air circulation

The flow of air is fantastic with a pivot door as it does not get restricted by a door in the way, because the pivot door has opened in on itself fully, allowing full circulation of air, if that is what is desired. The transition from one room to another is clean and clear because of the door design, creating an open and airy room for the homeowner to enjoy, giving the impression of added space.

Advantages of an aluminium pivot door

  • Inso Aluminium pivot doors seal fully to ensure that no drafts get through into the room.
  • Because of the top/bottom weight distribution of pivot doors, it’s a more durable option with a smoother action to ensure no slamming. Heavy doors are a perfectly safe option when they are pivot types.
  • Aluminium is a far superior material to timber or PVC and is the better material for longevity and for standing up to extreme weather conditions without deteriorating. Cleaning aluminium and glass doors is also a much easier job than other traditional doors due to the crisp design and material used.
  • Thermal retention is better in aluminium doors, so that your client’s home retains its warmth in the winter, but keeps out the heat more in the summer months.
  • Modern architectural and design projects look superb when incorporating aluminium pivot doors into the mix. The door becomes a masterful centrepiece, not a generic door that is simply opened and closed. Panoramic views straight through the front door are now possible, giving the entrance that something special.
  • Inso prides itself on being able to cater for bespoke design projects, and custom fitting our doors to fit your exact requirements is no problem. The result – a contemporary pivotal door that adds a stunning visual element to the entrance of a home or office.


Find out more about how aluminium doors and windows amplify look and feel.

Why settle for a boring, carbon-copy door that adds little to no value to a new house?

A door doesn’t just have to be a door.

When installing an Inso Aluminium pivot door, the building comes alive. The door adds personality and style that opens up spaces and offers unparalleled views across a property and surrounding areas.

With Inso Aluminum offering single and double pivot doors, a range of styles and colours, not to mention the option of a custom-built door, you can be sure that the aluminium glass door will be precisely what’s desired, for a long-lasting investment in your client’s home they can enjoy for years to come.

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