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Shopfront: Optimising Your Store’s First Impressions

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The shopfront is the very first impression that a potential customer experience about your business.

It has to be well planned, and not only from an architectural standpoint. 

The three functions of the shopfront are to:

  1. Create a look that is consistent with your brand.
  2. Encourage people to come into your store (and you only have a few seconds to influence them as they walk or drive by). 
  3. To keep the store and it’s contents secure while also being welcoming.

Choosing the right shopfront impacts your bottom line, so you are going to want to do your homework: in addition to branding and getting attention, it is essential to consider the nature of your business, it’s size and location, budget, and very importantly, your marketing strategy. 

Let’s begin.

3 Most popular types of shopfronts

#1: Aluminium shopfront

aluminium shopfront

Image Credit: Securahome

Aluminium shopfronts are modern, low maintenance, strong, durable, long-lasting, can withstand extreme weather, are environmentally friendly, and not prone to mould, rot, or termite infestations like wood would be.

Aluminium shopfront solutions come in a wide range of styles and specifications so you can choose the right look for your business needs. 

They come in many styles, from basic single panes of glass to double glaze windows. 

#2: Glass shopfront

glazed glass shop front

Image Credit: Cooksdoors

Glass shopfronts are good for retail stores because they give a good view into the inside of your shop so that passersby are able to see what you sell. 

For security purposes, glass must be toughened and used with secure locking systems.

If your store needs added security at night for instance, you could always use a roller shutter door.

#3: Frameless glass shopfront

frameless glass shopfront

Image Credit: Inso

The frameless glass shopfront is designed without any frames; it is just glass. When the glass is treated, it becomes five times stronger than normal glass; toughened, otherwise known as tempered glass, ensures a secure shopfront can be installed without the presence of any aluminium.

The Inso shopfront system is skillfully made and a proven shopfront system which is popular in commercial and industrial applications.

The benefits of a frameless glass shopfront include:

  • Hygienic and quick and easy to clean.
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year free advertising because people can see through the glass.

Choosing the right shopfront

Shop windows are marketing assets; to follow are some tips about what makes a good shopfront for your particular business.

Tie the shopfront into your marketing strategy

Your business has two shopfronts:

  1. Your website, and
  2. Your brick and mortar shopfront

Both shopfronts require a marketing strategy that supports the overall brand; the windows to your store act as outdoor advertising space that you don’t need to pay for, but which should be optimised to weave through both your online and offline marketing strategy.

Spy on the big boys

Check out your competitors, and other big and flourishing stores to see how they thread together a range of products and elements, creating a visual story to attract and engage with potential customers to get them through the door, and into your store.

Consider types of displays

Your marketing strategy should dictate shopfront displays which could be modelled around the seasons, special calendar days or events, but always focusing on evoking certain emotions in order to draw in customers. 

How much security is needed?

The amount of security that should be considered in your design depends on location. Stores with glass shopfronts may require more security measures, and this has to be factored into which shopfront design to select.

Take the surroundings into consideration

frameless glass shopfront

Your shopfront needs to respect the character of the street it’s located on, as well as the design of the building. For example, an ultra-modern glass shopfront situated in a row of 1800’s type stores will stand out for all the wrong reasons. 


Your choice of shopfront design should be based on your overall marketing strategy, but also taking into account the needs of your business, and of course, where the store is based.

Glass shopfronts – whether they include aluminium or whether they are frameless – are modern and act as a 24 hour advertising platform to passersby, and can be optimised for promotional campaigns.

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