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Sliding doors: 7 reasons your clients are requesting them

By 11th Feb 2019 Jul 17th, 2019 No Comments
sliding doors

Using sliding doors as part of your architectural design combines a beautiful, fresh aesthetic, highly practical functional benefits and cost-effectiveness. Maximising natural light is usually high up on any client’s priority list, be it a residential, light industrial or commercial project. Making sliding doors and sliding windows a key feature of your design ticks a lot of boxes – with one elegantly simple solution.

7 Reasons Why Your Clients Are Requesting Sliding Doors

Empowering Energy Efficiency

Installing sliding doors into any project is like giving your client a gift that keeps on giving. Sliding doors are excellent insulators, keeping in warmth in cold temperatures and keeping the interior cool in the warmer months. This means less need for additional temperature regulation inside the home or business. Less heating, and less air conditioning mean lower energy consumption and energy bills, which is a win for the finance department as well as the environment. The highly effective insulation of sliding doors and windows stops draughts, dust and damp entering the building, as well as creating an effective sound barrier.

Durability, Longevity and Versatility

Sliding doors that make use of aluminium in the frame and components have the benefit of being exceptionally strong. Their longevity under the strains of daily wear and tear is unsurpassed, with very little degradation compared to other materials. So, another gift you can give your clients is the fact that their sliding doors will need little maintenance for decades. A smooth glide on the rails is what high-quality materials and components give – one gentle, satisfying push and the great outdoors comes rushing in.

By using different glazing materials on the glass, you can add versatile practical benefits such as reducing UV rays coming into your home. This benefits your furnishings and flooring, as well as reduces the UV rays affecting people in the building. Glazing increases energy efficiency, acoustic insulation and can reduce temperature condensation on the glass in hot or cold climates.

Indoor Outdoor Flow

Creating a seamless indoor/outdoor flow in a building or home is highly desirable. It makes the home or building part of the external environment. It makes it appear bigger, and less ‘hemmed in’. Having a large expanse of sliding doors can give the illusion of walls ‘disappearing’ when you want them to. When this opens out to an entertainment area, swimming pool, fireplace or exquisite garden, it turns a home or building into a cohesive space, full of potential and promise.

A great indoor/outdoor flow gives the opportunity to interact with the outdoors, even when the doors are not open, you can appreciate the surrounding environment – a garden, the sea, a skyline, sunsets and sunrises.

Natural Lighting

The large glass expanses that make-up sliding doors instantly brings the highly desirable element of natural light into the building. This visually stunning effect goes further than being pleasing to the eye. Natural light has been proven to boost health, wellbeing, mood, energy and productivity. Natural light is connected to our brain function and natural circadian rhythms, andthe lack of natural light is connected to increased stress and fatigue. Whether in the home, work environment, school or hospital, natural light is a key benefit to the positivity and health of the people in the building.

Space Saving

When you need to utilise every inch of space, sliding doors and sliding windows are your best friends. No hinges, no extra space required for a door or window arc. Just a smooth, light slide along the track and your doors and windows are open.

Environmentally Friendly

If you use aluminium for your sliding doors, there is the added benefit that it is recyclable. There is also the knock-on effect of the additional insulation sliding doors give, which reduces energy consumption from excessive heating and cooling. Additional natural light also decreases the use of artificial lighting on a day-to-day basis.

Style AND Security

A sweeping expanse of glass and all the additional natural light that is let into the building adds a fresh, modern look and breathtaking style to any architecture. The light gives an impression of space and an ‘airy’, comfortable feeling in a room. As any photographer or interior designer will tell you, natural light uplifts the other elements of the room, by giving all colours a truer representation, as well as depth. Whether it’s a light wooden floor, a tan leather couch, beautiful art or colour accent in a room – all enhanced far more by natural light than artificial lighting.

The sliding doors and sliding windows themselves also add style, with elegant and sophisticated lines. The clean, modern style adds value to any property.

In the past, sliding doors could be considered dangerous because they were not always fitted with shatterproof safety glass. Modern sliding doors incorporate shatterproof glass and robust locking mechanisms that ensure sliding doors have become a security strength. Ask for a hook-over locking mechanism that prevents any sliding door from being disengaged from its frame. 

Customer Satisfaction

With so many visually appealing, practical and lifestyle-enhancing benefits, your next client will be delighted with the design and installation of sliding doors into their environment.

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