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Triple Glazed Windows vs. Double Glazed Windows: Pro Opinion

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Triple glazed windows are starting to be used by many homeowners, especially in colder locations, however double glazed windows are the norm in most homes built to date.

The two primary benefits of glazed windows are that they keep your home warmer, which means less spend on things like heaters during winter (and in South Africa, with our perilous electricity issues, this is an important factor), and offers noise reduction not only from the outside in, but also from the inside out.

The question is: does the extra cost of glazed, and then triple glazed, justify the means?

Benefits of glazed windows

Glazed windows are kitted with argon (and sometimes krypton which is superior) gas between the panes of glass, and it is this which provides energy efficiency, as it lets the sunlight pass through while reducing the heat energy that can escape through it, as well as noise reduction both ways.

As a result, you’ll save money in winter because the more panes of glass – and with each layer of argon gas – the warmer your home = less spend on electricity to conserve warmth.

In summer, glazed windows prevent heat getting in.

Tip! Insulate your glazed windows well, and close heavy curtains over windows during the night to conserve heat even more, and save more money too.

What are double glazed windows vs. triple glazed?


If double glazed consists of two panes of glass, then triple glazed consists of three. Therefore, any benefit of glazed windows is increased with triple glazed windows.

In addition, double layers of gas between the panes, means increased energy efficiency, and a warmer home in the cold months. To boot, the extra layer of gas means greater noise reduction. 

But how much warmer? Well, let’s say the temperature of a home is 21 degrees. If it had a single pane of glass, the surface temperature of the glass would measure 1 degree. What happens then is that the coldness leads to condensation build up on the inside of the pane, resulting in damp and mold around the window frames. 

Now, when there are double glazed windows in the same home of 21 degrees, the surface temperature measures 16 degrees, which is a big jump from the single pane of glass with a temperature of 1 degree. 

If the windows were triple glazed, the surface temperature would measure 18 degrees; a whopping 17 degrees warmer than a single pane of window glass.

Tips! Triple-glazed windows vs. double glazed windows

double glazed windows

If you’ve already got double glazed windows, it may be a good idea to keep them instead of replacing them with triple glazed windows. However, if you are building and deciding on which type of glass to use, then triple glazed is the answer.

The more panes of glass used, the heavier the window and the stronger the frame needs to be. 

We recommend aluminium windows for sturdy support. In addition, aluminium window frames are able to withstand any weather, even if extreme, and are low maintenance. They do not contract or expand in sunny or frosty conditions. 

Aluminium triple glazing offers a superior level of thermal efficiency. Aluminium combined with the low U-value of triple glazing provides one of the most energy efficient glazing combinations on the market today.

Plus…aluminium glazed windows just look good.

When else should you consider triple glazed windows?

  • If you live in a noisy neighbourhood.
  • If your home tends to be cool, or cold during winter, and you’d like to decrease heater usage.
  • Triple glazed windows need to be installed properly, or there will be a compromise in the benefits, which defeats the purpose of using glazed.

Bear in mind that it takes a long time for any glazed windows to pay for themselves, so don’t replace if you’re hoping to save money anytime soon.


In terms of insulation and noise reduction, glazed windows are effective, and triple glazed windows are superior. 

However, they must be installed correctly or they won’t work as intended. In addition, glazed windows require well insulated frames, or they also lose efficacy.

You may be interested to find out how to choose the best company to install glazed windows correctly.

As to whether they are worth their cost, this is what needs to be considered:

  • Where the home is located (the colder the location, the more justified the expense).
  • How much is noise reduction worth to you?
  • How much is increased warmth worth to you in winter, and cool air in summer?

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