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Acacia Sliding System

Acacia Sliding System

Acacia Sliding System


Inso Architectural Solutions is excited to announce our new sliding door system – the Acacia Sliding Door.

The Acacia sliding system has been designed to encompass a wide range of opening sash applications and an unprecedented cavity slider feature, as well as single to multi slider options.

The system is also en-suite with a wide range of interlockers with I-xx Values ranging from 10 cm4 to 180 cm4, allowing a wide range of height / span and wind load possibilities.

In addition to this the system has a range of integrated sunscreen and louvre choices. All machined elements are covered via moulded caps to ensure a high quality of finish

Architects and client have come to expect. In addition, integrated smooth running anti-rattle mouldings have been included in the design to ensure soundless ease of operation during the products life cycle.

Options Available :

  • Single track single panel slider X (Typically in shutter or cavity applications)
  • Single track double panel slider X-X (Typically in shutter or cavity applications)
  • Double track double panel slider XX
  • Double track four panel slider XX-XX
  • Triple track three panel slider XXX
  • Triple Track six panel slider XXX-XXX
  • Multi track additions allows for sun shading, louvres and fly screens to be added to the twin and triple track
  • 90 Degree corner capabilities.
  • The system has been designed to cater for all glass thickness from 4mm to 25mm, single and double glazed
  • The system allows for a mid rail.
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