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Going Window Shopping? Choose Aluminium!

Going Window Shopping? Choose Aluminium!

Going Window Shopping? Choose Aluminium!

We have travelled through generations of window frames ranging from steel to wood and even vinyl – all of which offer up their own unique benefits. That being said, there is one material we can safely say takes the cakes in terms of benefits – that material being aluminium. Whether you’re doing renovations and upgrades on a home or business built decades ago, or building a house from scratch, here is why aluminium windows should be top of your list.


Aluminium is a light, strong and durable material, which holds anti-rust properties and is able to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. In comparison to wood and other framing materials, aluminium will not warp, crack or rot and will weather well over time, prolonging the use of the product and ensuring low maintenance over its lifetime. This durable material also aids in providing insulation, depending on the finish applied and works perfectly in conjunction with other insulation efforts.


The fact that aluminium can be easily manipulated means that it can be manufactured to exact specification, so no matter how unusual you’d like your opening to be, you can have a window crafted and styled in any design you wish. Whether side hung, top hung, inward tilting or even a sliding window, aluminium is so versatile that you can have anything your heart desires. In addition to the design, there are a wide variety of powder-coated finishes to choose from that will give off just the effect you’re after.


More so now than ever, we are faced with pressures to ‘go green’ and recycle. The process whereby aluminium is produced, is known to be one of the most environmentally friendly as almost all components are recyclable, which drastically reduces the carbon footprint and makes it a great choice for ‘going green’.


It’s hard to believe a product that offers so many benefits can be cost-effective too, but it’s true. Aluminium is very competitively priced in comparison to other framing materials, and often turns out to be more affordable, especially when considering how little time and effort is required to maintain the product.

The above benefits are just a few reasons why aluminium is the smart choice when fitting your structure with windows. It is important to partner with an aluminium manufacturer that offers premium quality aluminium, in order to ensure the best possible life expectancy of the product.

Inso Architectural Solutions is the largest and fastest growing independent manufacturer of aluminium windows and doors. Opening our doors in 2000, we have grown to offer a diverse range of products, while building ourselves an unrivalled reputation amongst the upper-end residential, light industrial and commercial markets. Our dedication to each client and their project has seen us blossom into the success we are today and we continue to put them at the core of our business. For all your aluminium requirements, get in touch with Inso Architectural Solutions today.

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