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Whether literally or figuratively, doors offer a transition from one space into another. In addition to the entry and exit function, they are used to cordon off and separate certain areas of a house or building. These days, doors aren’t only functional, they are designed to be pleasing on the eye and add detail to the architecture and design of a property. With door styles ranging from wooden right through to plain glass, when choosing a door, you’re spoilt for choice. That being said, maintenance plays a huge factor, and as beautiful as doors made from materials like wood and steel are, they do require a substantial amount of maintenance, which is why people are shifting towards hassle-free materials like aluminium.

Aluminium doors not only look great, but they offer a host of benefits that far outweigh alternative materials. These benefits include low maintenance, durability, flexibility and affordability, to name a few. With advantages like these, it’s no wonder people are switching to aluminium doors. The best part about aluminium doors is that the material is easily manipulated making it customisable to any shape or form and letting the designer’s imagination run wild. Below are a list of popular aluminium doors, which will hopefully inspire you to incorporate this concept into your next project.


Sliding doors have been around for centuries, so the concept is familiar. They have, however, come a long way in terms of technology, allowing you to customise how they open, how many openings they encompass and whether you’d like windows incorporated into your design or not.


Ideal for enclosing patios, these folding doors create the perfect shield from the elements when needed, and offer an endless patio of space when open. If you love to entertain and enjoy the feeling of wide open spaces, these doors are a great choice.


Who doesn’t love a well-designed pivot door? These beautiful doors offer the ultimate modern finish on a building. They are perfectly suited as an entrance into a modern/contemporary environment and really scream style. If not for your grand entrance, you can’t pass up the opportunity to have one fitted somewhere else in your home/business


These offer a more conservative alternative to a front door. The general look comprises of large glass panels surrounded by a chic aluminium frame. The copious amount of modern customisable designs is making clip 44 doors a popular choice for front doors and other main entrances.

The above designs come with a powder-coated finish in a wide range of colours, so you can truly choose the door to fit your opening. When it comes to doors, you don’t want to mess around with quality. Inso Architectural Solutions manufactures and installs aluminium doors of the highest quality, while still remaining competitively priced. They are dedicated to providing their clients with outstanding service, before during and after the sale. In addition to aluminium doors, they manufacture aluminium windows, framed and frameless showers, glass doors, partitions, balustrades and an extensive range of other related products. If you want guaranteed satisfaction and superior service all round, speak to Inso Architectural Solutions today.

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