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Aluminium and frameless balustrades are not only functional but are also a popular architectural feature found in many buildings, including restaurants, shopping centres, and homes. A balustrade, in simple terms, is a protective and guiding intermediate rail used to stop people from falling off raised or change of level areas such as stairways, pool decks and balconies. There is a broad range of balustrade systems that fulfil several aesthetic design and safety requirements. Many of the popular systems in South Africa utilise a combination of aluminium and glass materials which aid in creating a clean, open and airy environment whilst still ensuring safety. 

Technical Specifications
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Frameless balustrades have become increasingly popular because of their:

  • Design options to suit your build – there are several different types of balustrades available to suit your unique design requirements. These include aluminium balustrades, frameless glass balustrades and more. There are several different systems to suit a wide range of design and safety requirements.
  • Aesthetic appeal – aluminium and glass balustrades complement many different architectural styles and give a building a sleek modern design aesthetic. These balustrade systems are excellent for contemporary, clean and open-plan spaces, and are available in a variety of different designs and finishes.
  • Safety features – our aluminium and frameless balustrades are structurally sound and are made using only the highest quality aluminium and safety glass. With thick footplates, thick posts and long solid pins, our balustrade systems are robust and weight-bearing.

Benefits of frameless balustrades

Durability and longevity

Aluminium is durable and corrosion resistant, making it excellent for long-lasting structures. These materials are resistant to the elements and harsh weather conditions, which ensures that your balustrade system will stand the test of time.

Structural integrity

Aluminium is a lightweight and strong metal that is easy to transport and install. This metal is also known for its strength, flexibility and structural integrity.

Minimal maintenance

Aluminium and glass balustrades require little maintenance. Aluminium does not rust, and once it has been powder-coated, does not need any priming, varnishing or sealing.

Energy efficiency

Aluminium balustrade systems have high energy efficiency and low environmental impact as the metal is 100% recyclable.

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