Pivot Doors Double and Single

Pivot doors are bold, sophisticated and make for a grand entrance into any space. These statement doors are heavyweight and rotate on a spindle as opposed to fixed hinges attached to a door frame. This makes them a welcoming and perfect fit for entrance or front doors.

Technical Specifications
Pivot Doors

These pivot doors have become increasingly popular due to:

    • Better stability – interior and exterior pivot doors offer more stability than other door systems as they do not rely on hinges. Pivot doors are known for their stability as the top and bottom stealth pivots support the weight of the doors, ensuring that they do not shift or move position over time.
    • Space saving ability – pivot doors open-in on themselves instead of opening fully into the room. This allows for better utilisation of space and the management of pedestrian traffic when compared to other door systems, which makes them a great option for exterior doors.
    • Encourages air circulation – pivot doors allow for added air circulation as the door opens on itself fully. This aids in creating an open and airy transition from one space to the next.
    • Customise the doors to suit your needs – we are able to create custom doors to suit different design and aesthetic requirements. Our pivot doors are made using safety glass and can be customised to different colours, sizes and glass glazing options to fit your space and design needs.

Benefits of Pivot Doors

  • Durable against the elements – South Africa is known for its harsh climate, but our aluminium pivot doors stand the test of time against the elements. Your pivot doors will not warp, crack or discolour over time, ensuring the longevity of the door system. We also recommend adding a weather bar to the bottom of the door for extra protection and insulation.
  • Energy efficient door system – there are single or double-glazing options for the glass panes of your pivot doors. This glazing not only improves insulation but results in less energy being needed to cool or warm the space.
  • Minimal maintenance required – pivot doors require less maintenance over time as the aluminium frame is corrosion and rust-resistant. Our high-quality aluminium exterior and interior doors are powder-coated ensuring they maintain their sleek look and functionality over time.

If you are looking for a statement door with the wow factor, then an entrance pivot door is a perfect choice. With a modern design and functional benefits, this door will give your space an open and elegant feel. If this door is on your wishlist, contact us today to find out more about our pivot door selection and lead times.

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