ThermEco Sash Windows

Choosing the right window for a home or office space can be daunting. There are so many styles and systems available that can make the choice even harder. When choosing the right window to fit the space you should be asking the following questions, are they going to be durable, are they versatile, and will they meet any aesthetic design?

A simple yet effective window system that fits all these requirements are the Inso Aluminium ThermEco Sash windows. This is an aluminium window that is often also referred to as a casement window system.

Technical Specifications
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What are ThermEco Sash Windows?

These are windows that can be distinguished by their look and operating mechanism. They are often used singly or in pairs within a common aluminium frame. The ThermEco Sash windows are hinged at the top or side, depending on the design. These windows open in an outward direction using a mechanical crank.

The use of the aluminium window frame, in this system, ensures durability, as aluminium is a strong metal known for its longevity. The versatility of these windows is visible in not only the design but in the range of different architectural colours and finishes that they are available in. This ensures that no matter what style your home or office space is, there will be a ThermEco Sash windows to suit your design needs.

Technical features of the ThermoEco Sash Windows

  • Complies with AAAMSA A3 design standard
  • 42mm frame depth
  • Incorporates bead glazing
  • Accommodates single and double glazing from 5mm to 25mm
  • High performance 16mm stainless steel friction stays allow for larger than normal sash sizes
  • Sash limitations:
      • Top hung (w) 1500mm x (h) 1500mm
      • Side hung (w) 900mm x (h) 1500mm
  • Innovative Y-gaskets provide excellent sealing against water and air infiltration
  • A hollow sill sump provides improved water drainage

Benefits of the ThermoEco Sash Windows

  • An affordable and reliable aluminium window system
  • Corrosion-resistant guaranteeing longevity
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean and maintain
  • Reliable and secure locking mechanism to ensure safety
  • Adds a sleek finish to any room
  • Energy-efficient due to the systems’ effective sealing, rooms will be well insulated from the heat or cold

If you are looking for a window system that is stylish, durable and versatile, then the ThermEco Sash windows system is a great system to consider. Not only for the home but for commercial and office space as well.

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