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Curtain Walling

About Project
  • PG50 – Internal and external sightline of 50mm
  • FG50 – Internal and external sightline of 50/81mm
  • Complies with AAAMSA A4 design standards
  • Accomodates Single and Double glazing from 2mm to 30mm
  • Available in a range of durable and popular architectural colours and finishes
  • Allows the use of two different finishes on a project
  • Pressure equalization ensures rapid drainage
  • EDPM gaskets ensure excellent sealing against water and air infiltration
  • Mullion depths range from 121mm to 205mm
  • Transom depths range from 78mm to 183mm
  • Mullion inertia (Ix windload) ranges from 122cm4to 766cm4
  • Transom inertia
    • (Ix windload) ranges from 37cm4to 395cm4
    • (Iy windload) ranges from 18cm4to 51cm4
  • Accomodates opening sashes

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