House Butware

House Steenveldt

Eye of Africa Estate

Life Cosmo Hospital

Nyati Wilderness Bush Lodge

Life Groenkoof Hospital

House brunnock

John Fuller – Athol

House Voldsteedt

House Tholet

House Rob & Aleida Black

House Latchman

House Govender

House Vallabh – Greenside

House Coltham

House Cairncross

House Barrow

Henderson Burns

Capital Civils – House Stockwell

Century WBHO Retirement Village

Agelpi Project Management House Harris & Henderson

373 Equestrian Rd HG

Project Lewis

Platinum Wheels Fourways Project

Waterfall Equestrian Estate Project

Pydigadu House

Eccelson Crescent Project

Waterfall Country Estate 1

BBQ Downs Project

Loch Vaal Project

Waterfall Country Estate Project 3

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