Aluminium doors redefine modern design, offering unparalleled durability and easy maintenance. Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminium, they come in various types like hinged, sliding and specialty doors for garages, kitchens, exteriors, interiors, patios, bathrooms, and bedrooms. With customisable frames and a diverse colour palette, including classic white, bold black, and contemporary tones, aluminium doors bring a touch of personalisation.

Enhanced by thermal break technology for energy efficiency, they feature sleek designs with slim frames that maximise natural light. Available in standard and custom sizes, Inso, with over 20 years of expertise, proudly provides premium aluminium doors and windows for upscale residential markets in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, and beyond. As proud members of AAMSA we ensure top-tier quality and varied designs at premium prices.

Aluminium Doors For Sale

Aluminium sliding doors effortlessly combine modern design with functionality. Ideal for patios, living rooms, and bedrooms, they create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Elevate your entrance with aluminium hinged doors, blending timeless design with security. Ideal for indooroutdoor connections, these aluminium doors add elegance.

Experience versatility with aluminium folding doors that elegantly connect interiors to exteriors. Perfect for patios and living spaces, they offer a panoramic view.

Combining security and ventilation, aluminium stable doors are perfect for kitchens and back entrances

Classic and sophisticated, aluminium double doors enhance both interiors and exteriors. Popular in living rooms and leading to patios.

Add a modern touch to entrances with aluminium pivot doors. Suitable for interiors and exteriors, they provide a focal point.

Combining security and ventilation, aluminium stable doors are perfect for kitchens and back entrances.

Combine style and ventilation with aluminium louvre doors. Perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, they offer adjustable airflow. 

Enhance security with aluminium shutter doors, offering both functionality and style. Ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

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Aluminium Doors Installation and Services

Elevate your space with our aluminium door installations, boasting two decades of unmatched expertise. Our skilled team meticulously handles the installation process, incorporating reliable locks and mechanisms. As reputable manufacturers, we prioritise security and functionality, ensuring a lasting impact with every installation.

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