ThermEco Elliptical Aluminium Louvre’s Windows

Our Thermeco Elliptical Louvre’s are an innovative energy-efficient aluminium window shade solution that has been designed in line with new building regulations and rating systems.  Many architects are looking for ways to enhance natural light, while reducing solar heat and glare, for building designs in major city centres and bustling metropolises. Our Thermeco Elliptical Louvre’s are the perfect solution to this challenge.

Technical Specifications
thermeco shade elliptical louvres

What Our Aluminium Louvre’s Windows Are Best Known For:

  • Aesthetic appeal – a building needs to be both functional and have an aesthetic appeal which is why this solution is available in several different architectural colours and finishes. We can match the system to your aesthetic needs and requirements, ensuring that the building looks great but is still functional.
  • Energy efficiency – our Thermeco Elliptical Louvre’s can effectively block and absorb solar heat during hot weather and act as an insulator for heat in colder weather. This not only reduces energy consumption and creates savings on monthly heating and cooling bills but positively impacts comfort levels of those in the building.
  • Innovative assembly – the innovative assembly of our 450mm Elliptical Louvre’s design simplifies and reduces fabrication and installation costs, making it a popular design choice.

Other Benefits of Aluminium Louvre’s Windows

  • Accreditation – our Thermeco Elliptical Louvre’s are compliant with the SANS 10400 XA regulations, ensuring our products are of the highest quality and are in line with national standards in safety. This solution is also in line with all building regulations and rating systems in South Africa.
  • Low maintenance and durability – the aluminium blades are low maintenance and do not swell or warp, even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions. Aluminium by its nature is rust and corrosion resistant which is perfect for South African coastal and inlying areas.
  • Lightweight, strong material – aluminium is a lightweight material which will not put added pressure onto the functional architectural elements. This system design is robust and durable, ensuring that it will last for years to come.

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