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5 Types of Aluminium Windows: Choosing the Right Style for Your Space

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5 Types of Aluminium Windows Choosing the Right Style for Your Space

Understanding the different types of aluminium windows available can significantly enhance the form and function of your home. These contemporary marvels are not only about the fantastic views they frame; they’re design elements that can influence your home’s aesthetic, making a statement with their sleek and durable features.

Let’s dive into the array of window systems and consider how they could fit perfectly into the various rooms within your home:

Types of Aluminium Window Systems

  1. Aluminium Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are synonymous with modern living, capturing expansive views and maximising space. They glide along tracks and come in an array of styles:

  • Folding windows: These windows fold much like an accordion and are an excellent choice for seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Horizontal sliding windows: A classic design where panels slide from side to side; they are a space-saving solution that provides ample ventilation.

The beauty of sliding windows lies in their versatility and ease of operation, making them a favourite for those desiring a blend of practicality and modern aesthetics.

2. Hinged Windows

Hinged windows swing open from the side or top and are one of the most traditional forms of windows with a twist of modern engineering:

  • Casement windows:
    They swing out from the side and can be designed to catch the breeze, directing it into your home for natural ventilation.
  • Euro Tilt and Turn/ Hinged Windows:
    Both types can be customised for a variety of opening angles, providing control over airflow and the amount of light that enters a room.

3. Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are the artists of the window world. They don’t open but offer unobstructed views and turn natural landscapes or cityscapes into living paintings within your home. These types of aluminium windows are perfect for highlighting a specific outdoor feature or for rooms where constant ventilation isn’t necessary.

4. Skylight Windows

Introducing natural light into the darker corners of your home can easily be achieved with skylight windows. They come in fixed and operable varieties and can be equipped with rain sensors for automatic closing, UV filters to protect your interiors, and even built-in blinds for light control.

5. Bay Windows

These types of aluminium windows transform an ordinary wall into an architectural feature:

  • Bay windows:
    Typically feature a central fixed window with operable windows on the sides set at angles.

Both styles extend the footprint of a room slightly and are often used as cosy nooks or additional seating areas, with the added benefit of allowing more light to filter into a space.

Types of Aluminium Windows for Specific Rooms

Types of Aluminium Windows for Specific Rooms

Each room in your house has distinct needs, and choosing the right types of aluminium windows for each can enhance comfort and functionality.


Bathrooms require privacy and often have limited wall space for windows. Frosted glass in awning or casement windows is a common choice, providing privacy, natural light, and ventilation without compromising on style or space.


In bedrooms, where comfort and ease are paramount, a combination of sliding and casement windows are popular. They offer flexibility in design, excellent light, and the ability to capture a breeze on a warm night.


Kitchens are the heart of the home, and here, these types of aluminium windows serve multiple purposes beyond just aesthetics. Sliding windows or larger casement windows are suitable for the kitchen as they provide ample airflow to clear out cooking smells and can be easily reached to open and close.


Security often takes precedence in garages, with fixed windows being the standard choice. However, to prevent a space from feeling too enclosed, high-placed awning windows can offer ventilation and keep the area fresh.



Corner windows can make a bold architectural statement and bring a flood of natural light from two directions. These can be fixed for uninterrupted views or have at least one side operable for a breeze.


In bay or bow windows, using casement windows on the sides allows for a gentle breeze while the central fixed window showcases the view. They also create the perfect spot for a window seat or additional storage.

Gable windows

Roof windows or skylights can make all the difference in utilising upper-level spaces. They can turn a dark attic into a bright and inviting room, perfect for a study or play area.


Embracing the multitude of different types of aluminium window options means you can finely tune the comfort, lighting, and ambience of every room in your home. While the selection process may seem daunting, understanding the various types and where they fit best in your household can lead to an enriched living experience. Take the time to explore how each window type can play a role in your unique home design, and don’t hesitate to seek expert advice to realise your vision. Your home is a reflection of your style, and with the right types of aluminium windows, you can create a space that’s not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

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