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Window Shutters: Why should you consider them for your home or building design

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Window shutters have been around for centuries, but in South Africa, they have not been a popular home or building design feature. This is slowly starting to change as more and more architects and designers are seeing the functional and aesthetic benefits of using window shutters.

What are window shutters, and where did they originate from?

Let’s paint the design picture for you from where window shutters started to where they are now. Window shutters were first created in England hundreds of years ago with the sole purpose of protecting windows and were often made out of solid wooden boards. The shutters would be opened to let light and air when needed. Over the years these simple window shutters have transformed and can now be identified as the window shutters we know today.

Window shutters today have a frame with vertical stiles and horizontal rails that make up the movable slats of the shutter. Over time these window systems have transformed, not only in what they look like but in the materials used to make them. Today we are seeing more and more aluminium window shutters replacing old wooden window shutters. This is primarily due to the following factors:

  • Low maintenance and durability aluminium does not swell, and warp in wet conditions like wood does. This means that there is less maintenance needed and that your shutters are durable even in the harshest weather conditions. Aluminium is also rust and corrosion resistant which is perfect for use in South African coastal areas.
  • Lightweight, strong material – aluminium is a lightweight material which will not put added pressure onto the functional architectural elements of the home, like the fixings. Aluminium is also known to be incredibly strong and durable, ensuring that your window shutters will be with you for a lifetime.
  • Versatile and aesthetic appeal –  aluminium shutters are incredibly versatile and will lend its self to any design aesthetic. They are also available in several different colours to suit your décor and design needs.

What makes aluminium shutters so popular?

aluminium window shutters

One of the biggest reasons that aluminium window shutters have grown in popularity is for their ability to look good as part of any design with minimal effort. Inso offers a range of different aluminium shutters to suit a variety of design aesthetics and project needs. These include: 

Kosi Sliding Shutters

  • Are aluminium shutters that have a modern, classic design and styling. They act as the perfect frame for windows in the home. 
  • These window shutters are effective for home design because they are available in a range of architectural colours and finishes. Ensuring a seamless integration to your home decor and design. 
  • Not only are they durable but they also provide an extra layer of security to the home by acting as a barrier.
  • They are available in a side and centre closing configurations and also use a smooth and light sliding action, ensuring hassle free living. 

ThermEco Shade Clip On Louvres:

  • These window shutters have specifically been designed with African weather patterns in mind, to ensure their practicality, efficiency and durability. 
  • These shutters are made up of several clip on louvre blades that are available in a number of different architectural colours and finishes, to suit any building design. 
  • The clip-on louvre blades have been designed in such as way as to reduce fabrication and installation costs, making them a cost effective solution to use in South Arican cities. 

ThermEco Elliptical Louvres:

  • These window shutters have been specifically designed to facilitate energy efficiency in line with the new building regulations in South Africa. 
  • Not only are these shutters in line with rating system regulations but there are also available in a number of different architectural colours and finishes. This ensures that the building still maintains its aesthetic appeal, which is important in major city centres and the bustling metropolis. 

Each of these products has its own sets of benefits, but have many commonalities between them, which include:

  • Accreditation- all Inso aluminium shutter systems are compliant with the SANS 10400 XA regulations. Ensuring the highest quality products that are in line with national standards in safety.
  • Better ventilation – window shutters allow you to adjust the amount of air in your home by adjusting the horizontal slats of the shutters. You are also able to lock the shutters while still allowing ventilation in, ensuring that your home is safe and secure while you are enjoying the beautiful South African weather.
  • Complete privacy – you can still allow air and light into your home while maintaining your privacy. This is a lot more effective than closing curtains which will leave you in complete darkness when looking for some privacy. Window shutters are more effective than curtains and blinds in blocking out light, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Energy efficiency – aluminium shutters can effectively block and absorb solar heat during hot weather and act as an insulator for heat in colder weather. You are therefore less likely to need cooling and heating in your home, bringing down your monthly electricity costs.

The aluminium shutter systems available today lend themselves to so many home and building applications. They add something unique to any design and will assist you in creating a modern contemporary space that is both beautiful to look at and practical to live and work in. Aluminium shutters are a trend that we hope to see evolve and continue to go from strength to strength in South Africa.

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